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Ankle pain, feeling really down.


Hi there, I've been suffering from pain in one of my ankles I kinda just ignored it for a few runs but it's getting worse. I've been following the RICE advice but it's not feeling much better it's really painful when I walk.

The thing is so early into my running journey I'm faced with this it's really getting me down I run with a club and have already missed two of their runs they will all be improving and by the time I go back I will have fallen behind. I feel really gutted and down about it. I don't know what else to do.

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Did you injure it? Have you got proper shoes? If the answer to those questions is "no" and "yes" then it might be wise to go and get it checked. Keep positive. You'll get back to it but you must be pain free first.

No I didn't notice an injury it just started niggling one day after running. I have been running in proper running shoes although they are a bit old and I have recently treat myself to a new pair but I've not worn them yet. By checked out do you mean the GP? I'm going to see a physio (Privately) tomorrow.

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Popstess

I meant your doctor or physio, but it's great you're going tomorrow. Keep us posted.

Okay I'll see what he says tomorrow. I'm fed up, for the first time ever I was starting to enjoy and look forward to the runs and could feel myself getting fitter but I'm still very much at the start of my journey now I'm worried I'll lose all that and this will be a massive set back

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Popstess

It won't. It took me six months to graduate because of, believe it or not, an old ankle injury and then runners knee, but I still finished the programme.

You will return, you will finish the programme and you will graduate. Yes it is frustrating at the minute but the great thing about this running lark is that we can always go back to it. It just waits for us.

How do you graduate? My worry is by the time I can run again the others in the club will have improved and I won't be able to keep up then I'll give up.

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Popstess

Aha! I've just read your replies to others and see that you've not been using the C25K podcasts but doing it through a club.

Take it one step at a time. Hear what the physio says tomorrow. If she/he prescribes rest then talk to whoever takes your running club and explain to them. They might have another class that you can join when you're better.

Failing that, you could start the NHS C25K programme and then you can go through at your own pace. While you're resting now, take a look and listen to some of the podcasts. When you go through all the runs and finish the programme then you become a graduate and get a little badge beside your name.

I've followed the couch to 5 k app once before a few years ago and the club did it very similar to that programme. It feels like a step backwards though and I'll miss my new found running buddies 😢 Just feeling very sorry for myself today I feel a bit of a failure really stilling before I've even properly started

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Popstess

It's not your fault you're injured. There are loads of us on the IC at the minute. We should have a party. You bring balloons and I'll bring a magician! 🎈🎉

Keep the faith popstess. You WILL run again.

Thanks Hun lol if I bring s magician cab he magic us better!! 😂


You can do c25k on your own, at your own pace. It might be easier and less stressful as you're not worrying about what other folks are doing. You could then concentrate fully on yourself and what you're doing

Your niggly ankle could be just that, and will get better as you get stronger, but for now you might have to stay off it til it calms down.

Chin up, it might not be long ☺

Popstess in reply to misswobble

I know, but I've really enjoyed the club and want to continue with it. I hope you're right, how long should I stay off it for? Until it no longer hurts to walk? Or can I still run even if there's pain? It doesn't really bother me when I'm running its afterwards it's really sore as if I've aggravated it by running.

If you are going to see a physio tomorrow, they should be able to answer allyour questions.

Generally if it hurts to walk, don't run.

What stage of your running are you at? There are going to be aches and pains along the way when you are starting (and always, tbh). That is something we all have to just learn to get on with. Sharp pain of injury is a different matter thougha nd should never be ignored.

Hopefully once you see the physion you will have answers

Popstess in reply to Rignold

I'm on week 9 it's been like the coach to 5 k plan but slightly different as I've done it with a club rather than on my own following the app.

Thanks i guess I just have to be patient. Feel so disheartened...


Your jog group is a good thing for sure, and if you enjoy it then by all means stick with it, it will certainly be good for you. I love mine ☺

Your ankles will get stronger as you keep running. Have you tried walking more or swimming and or cycling, strengthening exercises to get your whole body toughened up? I find walking is great. I suffered from a really puffy, painful ankle, and took time off but it kept puffing up post run. I did rest it til I could walk just fine on it and then got back running again. Just go slow and don't push it.

You can carry on with the RICE. Also you could dunk your legs into cold water post run. A bit of a shock but you get used to it.

If your problem persists then get it checked out by the doc

Popstess in reply to misswobble

No I haven't but I might give swimming a go while I'm not running to at least try and keep my new level of very low but better than nothing fitness up.


Don't get downhearted. We all get injured at some point. Irishprincess is benched and has just put the kettle on to chat to another injured runner here. Perhaps you could chat to them as well ☺

Let us know what thecphysio says. At w9 you should be able to get back into it without any problems. Definitely don't try and run if it hurts to walk. Running places much more pressure on the joints. I wouldn't even try marching on the spot. Hope it comes right soon.

Thank you, the thing is I've a high pain threshold so the pains not really bothering me as such it's just that it doesn't feel right and I'm tempted just to keep going but someone told me if I keep running on it while it's like this I could do permanent damage well obviously I don't want that. Hopefully physio will shed some light on what I can and can't do.


I always shower and aim the shower head on the aching bits... 30 seconds of cold then 30 seconds of hot that's after the warm down excercises and then recover with a green tea and frozen peas on the aching bits does for me....


I echo what the others have said. Listen to what the physio says. I put off going to the physio/ dr after I did C25k last year. I just thought it was ankle pain from being heavy and unfit and running and that I needed new insoles, which I have to wear all the time. I was devastated then to be told to stop due to Achilles problem. It took lots of physio and exercises and a long time till even walking wasn't painful. I still do eccentric exercises every day. Have not long restarted C25k and taking it slower. If only I had taken a couple of weeks off at the beginning I could have avoided 6 months of pain. It's frustrating and you'll miss out, but maybe find a way of going down to your running club anyway to help out. Better to get sorted early than make it worse.

Good luck.

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