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I still haven't really got my strength back after that virus I had, it's now nearly 8 weeks since it started. I am really struggling with my running, I've lost all my speed and am just finding it really difficult. I was up to more than 12 K, but can barely manage 5K now. Any one got any suggestions? Take some more time off? Re-do C25K? I don't think it's worth seeing the doc, I did that twice last year with colds that just hung on and on, they were not very helpful...

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  • Oh Sarah, Sweetie, that's such bad news. You were doing spectacularly well before this bug hit you. If I had a magic remedy to kill it off, I'd have tried it out on my own cough. All I can suggest is lots of green veg and gallons of honey and lemon hot drinks. My friend swears by Berocca and multivitamins and I suppose they won't do any harm, but sometimes it feels like nothing but time and sunshine will do the trick.

    Any chance you could have a sauna or Turkish bath somewhere? Most bugs are restricted to quite a narrow temperature range, which is why our bodies respond to infection by producing a fever. Perhaps a sauna could artificially raise your temperature and kill off any remaining lurgy.

    Whatever you decide to do: medication, heat treatment, healthy eating or, my personal favourite, sea air, I hope you feel better very soon. ๐Ÿ’ xxx

  • Thank you dear Carrie. I don't feel ill any more, in fact I feel ready to run and look forward to it, but my body has other ideas...most unlike me...very pee-d off, you can imagine.

  • Sorry to hear this Curly, poor you :-(

    It is surprising how wiped out these viruses can make you feel. One of the lads I work with has been on and off with one since November. He went to the docs and was told that it was a virus and that really it had to run its course and there was no treatment as such.

    Maybe if you just tried a 20 minute slow jog , just to try and get you back into the swing of it ?

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Yup, mine started the first or sdecond week of November, I had more than 2 weeks off, then did a couple of short runs. I tried "Speed" the other day, though it might kinda kick start me - I felt ok, but then felt like crap again today. I wanna run!

  • I don't have much advice to offer Curly but hope you are feeling better and happier with your runs very soon! you'll get there i'm 100% sure :) feeling like crap IS crap :(

  • Hope it gets better soon. Take it slowly as your body has obviously taken a bashing from a nasty viral infection. Why not try a week 7 or 8 run and take it slowly. Ginseng is great for a boost to your energy levels. Maybe worth a try

  • Hi Curly. Sorry you're not feeling too well. I hope you're feeling better now though. I was in your part of the world the other day, for the first time! We headed over there for the footy. We were terrible but I enjoyed the trip

    Chin up duck. I hope you'll be back out there very soon x

  • You came to Cambridge and didn't come and say hello? Naughty naughty, I love to meet my friends from here! Thanks, I'm feeling a bit better now, managed 10 K (slowly) today. XX

  • Ha ha, it was peterbro' ๐Ÿ˜Š I am a dim wit! I'll get me coat

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