Couch to 5K


Week 5 run 1, and having been very kind to my sore shins, I was back in the saddle today. Well, back in my trainers anyway. Breathing is fine. Don't feel tired at all. But I have very, very tight calves this week (no pain in shins) and I had to go really slowly. I tore my left calf muscle a few years ago haring down the corridor at work to an emergency and that's where the tightness was the worst. So I went so slowly that I was overtaken by a gardener with a wheelbarrow! Will rest until Friday now to give my legs a proper rest but it's SO annoying when one bit of your body says "run like the wind!" while another bit says "no, you mustn't!"


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Oh bless you Allie. I suggest you have a gentle run then have a good race run in your sleep later :). Their best of both


Ah poor you. Maybe the wheelbarrow was turbo charged! I hope you can get out running again soon, how frustrating for you. x


We all feel your frustration! Take care and I hope you get back out soon.


Such bad news about your tight calves Allie but, oh I did laugh at the thought of you being overtaken by a gardener with a wheelbarrow. Hope your legs feel better soon.


Thank you folks. I just told my husband who is just back from a 7mile cross-country bog-snorkel with his workmates, and he said, and I quote: "how rude. He should have scooped you up and given you a lift"

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definitely rest Allie :) it must be so frustrating for you but there is always another day recovery is very important :D


Oh Ali, I know how fed up you must feel , its the pits.

Few days rest and see how you go.

Hope you feel better soon xxx


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