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a bad run's still better than no run, right?

I've been gagging to go for my run for the last 2 days but it has thrown it down with rain. Today though, having finished work and the rain being light, I changed into my running kit and headed off.

Can a run feel like a hard slog even though the time is passing fairly quickly? I kept my pace not too fast but not walking, I had my tunes on, I had Zombies, Run! on, but 20 minutes in and I found I was sick of the rain and not really feeling the run (plus making absolutely no distance as I padded around the estate I live on) so headed for home.

Now, it might be the Supply Run mission I was on but I missed Sam, Janine's just not very good company, she doesn't talk as much, she doesn't really do 'friendly banter' (though she tries) it also it felt like I barely picked up any supplies at all. all in all, I think I'll stick to the entertainment run

Oh well, better to have at least tried than skip another run

Take care

MrsPsycho out xxx

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Getting out there & running is half the battle. You could have just skipped it but you didn't - well done! :)


Absolutely. Well done. The only bad run is the one you don't do.

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Any run is better than none, sometimes you just don't feel the love... so it's no big deal. You didn't skip, you made progress you didn't make an excuse! That's fab.


Well done on getting out, I empathise... I had a sh*te run today too but's better than none. Better luck next time for both of us! :)


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