W9R2 and a better run

I done it! I ran 32 minutes in total covering 4.25K. The weather was loads cooler around 18 degrees and cloudy which was lovely. My breathing is still rubbish from the 1st minutes and I think that is the main thing holding me back as my legs would probably keep on going. If feels like my windpipe is being squeezed. I used to be asthmatic as a child and also all my years of smoking (do not now), so am wondering if these are factors, or it is generally still being unfit and it will take time to build. I am still running on completely flat ground and will do until I feel better with my breathing. All in all though a better run than the ones in the heat. Oh and it started to rain just as I finished which was lovely to cool down in. Perfect timing!


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  • Sounds to me like it might be a mixture of lingering asthma and limited lung capacity due to being an ex smoker. I have been getting the same. If you are concerned a chat with your GP might be good, he could prescribe an inhaler to take before your running which could keep airways nice and clear.

  • That may be an idea about inhaler. I know people can 'grow' out of asthma and it improves but it is always there in the background. I will see if the longs run improve with the breathing as it is always like I am trying to catch up with my breathing, if you get what I mean. I cough sometimes to help me breath! A weird thing to do but it sometimes helps.

  • Do you suffer with any pollen allergies at all Eve?

  • No I do not luckily.

  • Exersise Induced Asthma can kick off with hot or cold weather, usually it's when you are taking allot of warm or cold air in, it irritates the airways, this could account for the tightening you are feeling.

    I think with your history I would visit my Doc just to be certain, asthma can hit at any time of life and you may be higher risk due to childhood and being an ex smoker. Could also just be a one off, let's hope so :)

  • Best of luck with sorting out your breathing problems Eve .....seems like you've had sone really good advice there.Well done with W9 R2 and wow...you did 4.25K !!

    You are just a spit away from graduation - how exciting is that?

    Very best wishes to you .

  • I know...cannot believe it! If someone had told me I would be running 4.25K in a few months time there is no way I would have believed them.

  • Yeah..and enjoying it ( well ,some of the time at least !).

    Here's to a nice cool ( even rainy ?) graduation run ....any day now - exciting or what ??? :) :)

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