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Any run is better than no run

Hail to all Ye faithful Bloggerettes!

I was fortunate enough for most of the C25K program to have been between jobs (I'm a freelancer) so I could commit 100% to the whole thing. Since starting a new short term gig, I've still managed to run three times per week but without the same energy and enthusiasm I had whilst conquering Laura and here training prog.

As someone on this forum once said to me "Any run is better than no run" and they are absolutely right. I am sure that the job I have right now has sucked away most of my energy for running, cos of the high stress levels I have to endure. That said - and I'm not moaning , honest! - I still feel GOOD after running my 5K in the early mornings when even the ducks haven't woken up yet.

But today I could "only" manage 4K and I found this frustrating. Where was the 5th K in me? Where on earth had it gone? I had a look but couldn't see it anywhere, so I walked the rest of the way home, sweating like a horse and legs feeling decidedly wobbly.

Ah well. A long soak in the jacuzzi seems to have bounced me back and I shall endeavour to conquer another 5K in two days time. I'm off to test ride a new scooter later and guess what the weather in London is supposed to be doing? Yep! Thunderous monsoon rain. I'd better wear my plastic trousers.....

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I agree completely!

After completing the race for life last Sunday, running 5k for the first time in just under 37 mins, I went out on Wednesday and had to stop for a breather after 20 mins and only managed to run just over 3k!

It was just so humid and I couldn't take in enough deep breaths to keep going. I hobbled home feeling very disheartened but then I reminded myself that I should still be proud of my achievement and 8 weeks ago I couldn't run 2 mins. So yep, any run is better than no run!

Put it down to one of those annoying 'bad' runs that we all just seem to have and you'll smash the 5k on your next one!


Danzargo, are you only elicting resposes from females or can a male be a "Blogerette" too? Just wondering.


Alas Delia, even us chaps can be bloggerettes! Especially those in touch with their feminine side. Like me. So all comments are welcome from either of the sexes. Perhaps I should come up with a more inclusive term? Answers on a postcard please!




I had one of 'those' runs today too. I think it was the air pressure, it's dropped quite quickly according to my barometer. Although at the time I put it down to the fact I'd eaten a bit of wheat pasta the night before (always knocks me out) so maybe it was a combination. The humidity was bad too.

and - Surely, even on a scooter, leather trousers look better? Especially on a bloggerette?


Hahaha! You're right Cloudgazer!


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