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W1R1 Complete! At last

Good news! W1R1 complete!

After having done a 5 run - preweek 1 warm up it went very well indeed, perhaps to be expected - but still an excellent sense of satisfaction in actually managing it.

The only fly in the ointment is wife is ill and probably won't be able to join me until next week. She is doing some moderate exercise so as not to lose too much of what has been gained so far, but it will mean probably after having had 2 pre-week-one weeks I am likely to have two week-ones too!

Anyone reading this who is worried about even being fit enough for week 1? Well my wife and I weren't and we gradually went from 3x60s jogs up to the eight and it has worked really well - try it if week one seems too much!

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Well done! Hope your wife feels well enough to join you soon. Well done 👍


Thanks! I hope she will be - would have been so very easy for her to rest up completely but I was really happy she has kept up some exercise. Should mean we don't have any big problems next week when we anticipate a full recovery.

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Well done.

Congratulations on your strategy.


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