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second time around

hi all

Not been here for a while and due to many things not done a lot of running/jogging Not even done much walking which is not like me guess i lacked motivation.i have put on a few pounds in the last 6 months but only about 15 to 20% of the 4.5 stone i lost last year when i was running and watching my diet .

while doing my walks which vary depending on how many hills involved donnt seem to enjoy walking unless there is a good hill or 2 i tend to go the longest way up a mountain and take the shortest back down so i tend to spend more time going up.some of my local forestry tracks wind themselves up and can be

Have decided to get back into running and i will do c25k again but i do not think i will need to start from the beginning.

was thinking of starting on week 4 or 5

i did go for a trial run sunday and managed 4x 5 min runns with 4 min walks in between and managed it ok was tired at the end and legs were a little stiff the next day .

any thought on this plan would be good

thanks brian

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Good to have you back.

I'd suggest that (since you've not done much running or walking recently) you start gently, at week 3. I know that you've tested 5 minute runs, and I'm sure that you still have the stamina to run for at least 5 minutes. But be kind to your legs, tendons and joints and ease them in gently. There's no hurry and you don't want to get back on the injury couch again.


thanks for the reply i was thinking 4 or 5 and you sujest 3 so maybe ill go with 4 split the difference and hope its all i split




well tried week 4 last night glad i did not try week 5

went quite well no real problems apart from the gremlins telling me i should have tried week 3 .

quite tired at the end but that maybe due to the b****y app not telling me i had finish the second run of 5 mins and i run the 3.5 mins of the cooling down period

and today feel ok no pain


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