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W3,R1...achy,breaky start

Morning, completed my run this morning, don’t know your locations but here it is FREEZING...

I’m currently jointly doing this and doing a “10k steps a day” at work at the moment ...(a full on -January I’m too fat attack, no doubt fail by March-is underway here)...and my legs felt like wood this morning.. never the less I went for it ...the first 90 seconds I ran quite comfortably...has a full on..huh, I’m a runner now smug moment..then I did the first 3 minutes ..and I was surprised at how well it went...THEN I did the next 90 seconds and had a “ I want my mummy moment “..😢...turns out I may not be a runner after all, really struggled...can’t explain it...and as for the last 3 minutes , we’ll i did it but was barely hanging on and over taken by snails pace...can’t explain it, just knackered me..🤪

Have recently started walking to where I do my runs , I drive the first week and my tyrant queen pointed out this was kind of pathetic so now I walk there, trouble is our house is at the top of a steep hill, and by steep I mean there should really be base camps instead of post boxes up I can honestly say the worst part of my runs are now the walking up the hill to home...

Good luck everyone, carry on, remember we’re doing something, three weeks ago I was doing nothing 👍🏻

Also a very kind man on here whose name , To my shame I forget, he’s a mentor, posted a link to stretches after running in a reply to one of my posts last week, they are amazing! I gave them the full amateur sneer in disbelief at first but after doing them I promise you your legs will feel better...I would post the link but alas I’m not very IT competent

Laters 👋🏻

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I would suggest going back to the driving to the run place for the time being. An additional hill walk before you start will put more strain on your legs. And as for the run stamina : just slow down. Pace yourself better. Everyone everyone everyone goes too fast at the beginning. Slow down till you can do all of the runs wth equal effort.


Well done! No need to push at any stage , no hurry, just finish each sesh. The hill back to your house for the cool down walk will do you good! 😃👍

I walk everywhere and it’s surprising how much fitter you get just by doing it. It burns lots of calories too, and it’s free. 😃👍


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