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It took all the strength I had...graduated!

I had two outdoor goals today--plant some fruit trees and graduate.

Driven back by the rain from task one (literally--I was in a car) task two was looking equally doubtful. But then the clouds rolled away and London was bathed in sunshine.

Not wishing to ignore divine intervention I left the house. Spotify chipped in with "You can go your own way" and "Raindrops keep falling on my head", which was nice, but not my running playlist, so I corrected that and set off.

I can't say it was easy and I had a bit of a dark tea-time of the soul at about the 20 minute mark when the path was completely flooded and I had to set off over waterlogged ground.

But I squelched on to the end, covered a mighty 4.2 km and am looking forward to Michael coming round with my big gold cup. But how will he know where I live?

As for the fruit trees, the ground is so waterlogged I've had to heel them into a spare bed until the weather gets better. I hope...they will survive

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That’s brilliant. Kudos for the distance too. Very very well done, so pleased for you. You certainly picked the weather for it! 🏃🏼‍♂️🌦🏆


Yes...it will be interesting closing on on those 800 metres...I did say to myself today, "why not just run this last bit" and the response was a pretty clear "you must be kidding".

I wonder how things will go now without the app giving you permission to do more and more...if Mr Johnson told me to run for 35 minutes I would be all "righty-ho" but now it's just between me and me.

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Once the runs were continuous, I ditched sexy Mr Johnson, because I wanted to time only the run and didnt want to pause the app to set my watch. But I carried him in my head saying: you can do this, you can really do this, well done, youve come so far.


I'm so excited to hear other people's graduation tales as I count down to mine on (I hope) Saturday. Very well done, Mick, especially considering the weather.

When will you get a chance to change the sheets on that spare bed? :)

Love Lizz x

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Nice one! Especially considering the going underfoot. Enjoy!


“Not to fall apart”

Well done you!!!... especially in those conditions!!☔️☔️☔️

Enjoy your time on the podium and be proud of your badge.



Congratulations Mick🎉🎉🎉🎉

You toughed it out in the conditions and got it done...We'll done..😊x

If you step up to the podium Millsie-J will present you with your shiny Graduate badge..can we get a fanfare📯...👏👏👏👏👏👏

(ask here...)



Congratulations Mick.

It is a good idea to consolidate over the next few weeks, although you may be tempted to creep up to the magical 5k.

Just enjoy your new found ability and mix up the paces to find what works for you. 70-80% of your runs should be at an easy pace.

Keep running, keep smiling.


When you say consolidate, do you mean stick to the 30 minutes? I only ask because while I've got used to the app stepping things up between weeks now it's down to me going from 30 to 35 minutes seems like quite a leap.


Personally I would do a few weeks of 3 x 30 mins just to consolidate the running habit. Then you can decide what to do next, Increasing distance by no wore than 10% per week will quickly get you there (4.2 x3 = 12.6 x10 % = 1.26 extra week 1 = a total of 13.8 etc)

Mostly though; enjoy yourself and well done 👍


Wot Helen said.

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Sounds like a plan!


Fantastic achievement 👍really well done 👏👏


Huge well done! 🎉🎉🎉👏👏😃

Enjoy the next part of your running adventure!

... and the trees... they will survive 'cos they're asleep!

... I hope! 😄


Quite a graduation run you had! Well done for fighting against nature and finishing the programme ! Wish you a lot more pleasant running avoiding to get drowned on the way ;-) Enjoy your graduation for now!


Well done my friend, my congratulations to you. Sounds like you had tough conditions as well. I'm sure the fruit trees will be fine: the weather will be getting better soon...won't it?


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