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Week 7 Run 3

My first time posting. Well this was the hardest run to date, not physically but mentally. A tough week has had me having mood,swingsdue to insomnia.

Didn't run for a week and could not motivate myself to go to the gym. So I went outside. It was a slog. A hard, hard slog. Constantly pushing against the negativity. So exhausting having conversations in your head!

I can't be bothered, it is too hard.

Well we are out now so might as well.

Let's go home. We can go to the gym later.

You know damn well we won't go later. Look we have done five minutes. Let's do 10 and then go home.

That's 10. Come on I am so bored and my feet hurt.

Another 5 minutes, might as well.

I hate you.

I noticed. I hate you too. Look at our fancy new running shoes, aren't they pretty!

Etc etc. But did the whole run. Proud of myself for not giving up.

Into week 8 we go!

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Oh well done you!!! It’s brilliant that you shouted your gremlins down and won in the end! I hope you’re really proud of yourself for not giving in!

I’m only on W3 and not had a run I didn’t want to do (yet!) but,... I know those conversations well and I recognise them from myself in the past.

Enjoy your post-run buzz and keep looking on here .... plenty of positivity, and it’s kinda contagious! Happy W8!

Liz x


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