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Week 8 day 2

Good morning,

This was a run that was difficult but joyous. Difficult in that I had to drag my sleep deprived body out of a nice warm bed when I could have had a lie in for the first time in weeks and go out into the cold wet and windy morning that is January 13th.

Joyous when it was over and I had that warm glow from achieving something worthwhile...and because I was warm from running.

Dissertation complete, so I have time to run again instead of sitting at my desk for 18 hours per day battling against computers which lost all of my pictures three days before submission, crashed with no warning, one about 5 minutes worth of work lost so not so bad but stressful nevertheless, and uni websites which crashed as I was trying to upload my work.

Phew...and I could have really done with running it off..still I am here, back running, and I have missed it enormously despite mornings like this when it's black, wet, windy, cold, drivers who are in a bad mood and don't care that someone is running.

This wasn't a poetic run, this was a slog to the finish but just as valuable as all the others. Every run I learn, or relearn, something.

Today? That I'm not a quitter even though it would have been so easy to give up and go home. My little dog and I battled on and he did his usual victory gallop around the house which never fails to make me laugh.

Happy running everyone :)

Oh yes, I think I'm going to do a MSc in Space Science next year ;)

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Well done! Keep it up - that sense of achievement is fantastic, isn't it?

Congratulations on your academic success, too.

Love Lizz x

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Thank you, Lizz,

Yes, it is. I'm always buzzing when I get back from a run although I don't gallop around the house like my little dog does :)

Thank you xXx


Well done! You must feel fab - dissertation done, run in the bag, everything over and done with! I had a lumbering run this morning, but hey, they are all good cos we've done em! ;)

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Thank you, Fishypieface. Yes, relieved that it is done. Happy that the run was over but it wasn't a very pretty run. Done it is though so that's all good :)

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