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Worn Out--Follow Up

Hi All. Sorry for not getting back those of you who posted of encouragement & advice on me feeling totally worn out. I think I was trying to push it too hard an suffered the consequences.

Anyway took a total of 5 days off which seemed to work. This week was my 1st runs so I thought I would try the run/walk/run just to ease me back. Must admit after reading of how baz finds run /walk/run mucks up his ability to run without stopping I was a bit worried but decided to give it a go.

Monday I tried 3-1, 3 minute run to 1 minute walk. I did it OK but felt very tired after the 30 min run so concluded I was not totally over the tiredness. Wed run came up & I thought I would try 2-1 for 30 mins,again that was no problem and did not feel any tiredness or stiffness at all.

Friday is my long run day so again just for an experiment I did 1:1/2 - 1. Now I did feel that since I had no problem with 2-1 I really did not need to go down to 1:1/2 -1 but it was after all just an experimernt, and it worked just great. I did 30 mins at my "long run" slightly slower pace and then upped the speed to my normal pace.

At 1:1/2 -1 you just do not have a chance to feel tired so I continued running till I did the 5k, whoopee. To be honest I could of kept on going but knew I would be asking for trouble. When I finished I did not feel tired,breathing was like I was just walking all the time. So overall I did longer time & distance, burnt more calories and heart was having a good workout, I am impressed.

For the time being I will stick to Mon,Wed as normal 30 min straight run with no planned walks unless I feel tired then walk for just 1 minute. Come Friday run then I will again try the 1:1/2 -1 run/walk and see if I can again do 5k.

Just out of curiosity as I am a avid reader, is it worth getting the Run /Walk/Run book by Jeff Galloway?? I ask this as I have read it is basically mostly promoting his other books & items and he repeats himself a bit/lot?? Must be getting old as I do that several times .Must be getting old as I do that several times .Must be getting old as I do that several times . (-:

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