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Inspired to complete W1R1 by you

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So, aged 56 and a non-smoker for 1 year - and inspired by your posts - I finally put on my running kit this morning and made it out the door. It felt great and I have been buzzing all day. Does anybody have suggestions on how to keep that motivation going?

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Book times for your runs (people often find set days are a good idea) and then go out and do it! Don’t prevaricate and don’t make excuses! You’ll be running for 30 minutes in no time!

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Well done and congratulations on making the decision to start this life changing programme.

Continuing to post your progress on this forum should be enough to keep you going alongside the improvement that you will notice after just a handful of runs.

This guide to the plan is designed to answer many of your basic questions.

Enjoy your journey.

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Remember how good you feel after a run. The hardest part of any run is getting out the door. As helenwheels says, plan days and just get out the door and do them whether you feel like it or not. The reward is always at the end, and it is always worth it.

I have never regretted a run - but I have always regretted a missed opportunity to run!

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Motivation hasn't been an issue for me...I just want to see what happens next. Every time you go for a run your body changes in subtle ways, so you will always want to go out and try your new legs.

Then you can come here and tell us all about it. Trust will find yourself itching to get out on your next run.

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Don't worry Bj56 it soon becomes addictive😆 ( a good addiction)...

Well done for starting and enjoy your journey. You will get so much from your running sessions and your stamina and self-esteem will grow every time.

Keep running and keep posting 😊....

Good luck with Wk1 R2..

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