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thanks, I got up and out. Much cooler this morning. I found it a lot easier, even managing to speed up a little when I guessed I was on the final 2 minutes of the second run.

Although in retrospect perhaps the final brisk walk could have been a bit, well brisker! It wasn't even as though I felt I needed to slow down that much.

I have been meaning to try running on grass so went across to a meadow with ploughed paths but it was hard going (and there were too many bugs) so I went back to the park after one lap.

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  • bit of a panic at the beginning though, when Laura said I would be running for 25 minutes today. Oh no I won't, I thought, as I switched to the right podcast😃

  • Oh gosh, I can imagine the panic at putting on the wrong podcast! Great work getting up and out early. I admired anyone who can do that!

  • Well done on getting out there, definitely a good decision, it's warming up here now. I hate the bugs. One flew in my eye this morning and I dread to think how many I've eaten - don't they know I'm a vegetarian !!

  • That's why Laura encourages you to breathe in through your nose!

  • Didn't think of that! Means I can't sing along to the music though 😎

  • No, I could never really get enough air in that way either.

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