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I don't like to show off *hums tune* ;)

I don't like to show off *hums tune* ;)

I skipped my run last night as it was absolutely chucking it down when I got off the bus from work, coupled with the discovery half-way home that I'd lost my beanie hat somewhere (probably not critical but a friend knitted it for me as a birthday gift)

Thus, having today off from work, I rolled out of bed, much to the grumblings of Mr Psycho but that stopped when I promised him toasted english muffins with scrambled eggs, bacon and lots of hot coffee when I came back, which had him wishing me a good run and to hurry back ASAP.

I went downstairs and pulled on my kit, shoes, running lights, headphones and was almost through the door when I realised Goblin Cecelia wasn't trying to stop me. I found her snoozing on the back of the sofa

"Uh, Cecelia, I'm going for a run now"

"Do I have to do anything?" she asked dozily, not bothering to open a beady eye


"Oh. I have to come with you?"

"Again, no. In fact I'd prefer you didn't"

She thought about it, shrugged then turned over, mumbling "then knock yourself out"

Huh...just like that, my goblin's not interested right now. Thus freed I set off in the cold, misty but dry morning on another Supply Run to Keep Abel Township Smiling.

I started off by going back to the bus stop, where I was delighted to be reunited with my beanie hat, albeit it was soaking, needed ringing out and I spent the run with a damp beanie hat in the front pocket of my hoodie, but I was pleased to have it back and I was away, "I think I can make it to [nearest pub name] that's not too far away" and that's where I wound up -I see you raising your eyebrow by the way, so before anyone starts, they were closed because it was too early.

When I got to the pub, I thought "you know, the [local notable historical figure] monument isn't that far, and the uphill training would be good...let's go for it!"

Followed swiftly by "...the park's not too far from here....maybe just one teeny little lap around the park? I could get a tissue and blow my nose from the loos there."

One lap later I decided it was time to head home (it'd been at least 40 minutes since the programme had told me I'd picked up anything) besides, the cold air was starting to get to me and I headed for home. I forgot that Uphill becomes Downhill on the way back so, yay for that where I picked up speed.

A quick call to Mr Psycho had him making me coffee when I got to the bottom of the estate, and a check of my phone told me my run had meant I'd done almost 7K.

All I could think was "Yay, me and I'm not even that tired!"

Then Mr Psycho handed me my coffee and told me to go and warm up because he nearly gave himself frostbite trying to hug me.

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Wow, MrsP😄...what a great long run. Well done and how brilliant are you running almost 7k and "not even that tired"...Go missus 😆

Hope you enjoyed your lovely breakfast after you had warmed up. 😊x



Thanks Jan, I just didn't feel like stopping this morning, the sun was out (hidden behind the mist) I wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. I thought I might as well run until I was tired or my playlist ran out, whichever came first.

I'll admit, there was a point on the way home I thought about calling Mr Psycho to come and pick me up, but when I reached that point I was most of the way home anyway, lol

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I want a Mr Psycho (mine is an ex sportsman, so anything less than Olympic performance gets no attention whatsoever) and Cecelia the goblin sounds much more interesting than my Gavin the Gremlin (who is red faced and hairy and very VERY LOUD!!!👹👹👹👹)

And kudos for your long run⭐️


Mr Psycho isn't the most athletic, though he does like going for walks. He's hoping to come running with me once the Doc's sort out his gall-stones.

He doesn't get my running, but is the one who shoves me out the door when I'm not feeling the running vibe ;)


He sounds like a keeper x


yeah, I should definitely marry him some day ;)


Oh he can come & shove me out through the door - I need a swift kick up the backside. :)


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