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Here we go again.. finally

Hello all.. I'm back after a long recovery (picked good weather to start as well)... so, since the two leg injuries I'm now starting my serious walk running (aiming to do a half marathon again in around 4 months or so + loose some of the accidently gained weight). Also, bought a punch bag and a skipping rope to help ease myself into exercise again (can't believe how much hard work skipping and boxing is!). Used to do my 5k's in around 24 minutes or so, but at the minute its taking about 36 minutes (can't wait to be able to run for an hour without stopping, who would have thought that I ran marathons two years ago!!!!). Anyway, can't wait, getting the bug back and will enjoy the gradual build up... have fun and be careful out there..

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Best of luck with this!!!


Well done for taking a backwards step in the process of moving forward. I think I would find that hard. You will be back up to speed before you know it!

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Hello 🙂

We do have a 10k and a marathon community so plenty of reading material

I do jump rope in the house as part of my warm up and sometimes as part of a Jillian Michaels exercise DVD (without the rope though) it’s great 👍😃

I’ve only just done a marathon thanks to C25k. It’s a fab programme

Good luck

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