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First run of 2018!

Happy new year everyone! 🎉

On a frosty morning I completed my first run of 2018 and it was a good one 😀 probably my best so far and I seemed to get a second wind with 5 mins left to run. Think my running legs kicked in and it felt enjoyable. Stick with it if your just starting out or struggling or if you’ve had a bad run for no reason you can explain. You will get there believe me I’ve been all of the above since I started in September and the plan is amazing it will get you there if you believe it and believe in yourself. It really is mind over matter. Happy running everyone enjoy 2018 and make this the year you become a runner and love it. Good luck 👍🏃🎉

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Well done you... when your legs find their happy pace it feels amazing!


I know it’s amazing I have read many posts and wondered when and if I’d ever feel it. What an amazing plan. I still can’t believe in September I couldn’t even run for 60 secs! Wow 😀

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I am still amazed.. two years on :)


Great start for the year!! So you felt it as well, that feeling of everything into place and you glide more than run... It's wonderful and gives you a boost for the rest of the day if not the week. Happy 2018 with more gliding and flying ;-)


Thank you and to you too 😀


Brilliant. Glad you are feeling good about your running. You have done so well. Keep running and enjoy it. Happy New Year 😀🏃🏻‍♀️🙋🏻


Thank you and to you too😀


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