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a few new things tried today (nothing too exciting!)

Desperately trying to hold on to that mindset of running as medicine! Only left it 4 days this time since last run, so better.

Went out this evening with a couple of new things to try: firstly, yet another sports bra (I'm not made of money, they have all been bra-gains, and I'll be selling my rejects), secondly, mapmyrun on my phone to actually map my run, and thirdly I picked the radio dramatisation of Good Omens instead of music or comedy.

Sports bra - band was a bit big (frustrating variation within one brand!). Comfy though. Mapmyrun probably would have been better had I actually started the "workout" when I started running, but otherwise I was impressed, having not tracked myself running before! I think I'm happy to have the mechanical voice lady shouting the kms and splits. Handy as my pace regulation isn't brilliant and I really don't want to overdo it. Good Omens, though entertaining, probably wasn't the best choice though as the combination of road crossing, dog poo awareness, etc., and trying to follow the dialogue, wasn't good. I think back to music and comedy next time!

Overall, just good to get in another run. The running itself felt a bit tough, legs quite tired, but carried on for 29 minutes. I was quite slow, not as steady as I'd like (knowing each km time is interesting!) but at least I know I wasn't overdoing it. I really want properly chosen shoes, even if they aren't so different from mine now I'll know I did the most to prevent niggles becoming injuries, but hopefully stretches, rest day exercise, and not pushing hard are the thing.

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Without a shadow of a doubt, running IS medicine ... if only it were medicine for this bloody awful lurgy that I have..!! No running for me since Christmas Day, and I’m one angry person 😩

You trialled lots of things there in just one run... (mind blown 😂)

My sports bras are Brooks Juras, they’re not cheap but you can find a bargain if you hunt the depths of the internet. You have to up-size, and they’re a battle until you get used to them (it’s been a love / hate relationship) but I’m happy with them.

I always used MapMyRun until I set Strava off alongside it, just for comparison. I found Strava recorded very differently... my run times / pace are faster than recorded on MMR. On the basis that Strava makes me feel good, I have ditched MMR 😉

Well done for a great 29 minutes, complete with multiple trials.

Keep at it, just as you are - You’re awesome..!!

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Haha, I was only trying out little things. Same old roads, etc! Plus I kept it simple and started everything (apart from MMR) before leaving the flat. Interesting to know that Strava might record differently! Until now I was just running, timing it and then mapping the route afterwards to see how far I'd gone and whether the bits that felt hard were actually sloping! I'm liking knowing more stats either way.

Those Brooks sports bras look great... hmmmm... bras have been my weakness when it's come to running kit (though merino and bamboo clothes are getting up there too!)

As for running as medicine, I know, I know it is, but it's medicine that takes up 40 minutes which clearly I could spare for it but somehow there's always something else... more routine and resolve necessary and less faffing around on the internet :)

Really sorry to know you are currently lurgified - I had mine before Christmas and it was miserable. All my colleagues were sick too. Hot drinks and rest for you? Take your anger out on ... umm ... I don't know, have you tried adult* colouring?? :D


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I like seeing the stats too. Maybe you could run Strava and MapMyRun like I did, just to see if you get different stats.

Definitely with you on the faffing front... it is too easy to decide that tomorrow would be a better day for a run (every day) 🙄

Bloody lurgy still has the upper hand (very much so), and I’m sooo miffed... adult colouring 😂😂😂 ... I’m sure there’s probably a market for that ..!! I shall pass some time on Google - 😂 - I will keep you posted..!!

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faffing, procrastinating ... oh yep. Will be doing that less - maybe I need a programme to take me from 30 min procrastinating down to 60 seconds only??

I was genuinely thinking of using Strava and MapMyRun together today, one to map my actual running and then the other just to map the numbers, but I think it turned out alright :)

As for the adult colouring, I was going to link to some nice relaxing colouring in books aimed at not-children but two of the first links were "kama sutra colouring book" and a "swear word colouring book" and those were the tasteful ones...!

If you drink, I'm sure some nice whisky will take care of the lurgy 🥃*cheers*


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