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Walking Football - tried something new today!!!

Walking Football is BRILLIANT fun. We had a taster class at my gym this morning. OMG what fun we had, I'm sorry to say I was a cheat on quite a few occasion's when I broke into a run. However I found my badminton side step and backward steps very useful. If you can imagine 12 over 60's all determined to get their feet to a ball and score a goal while killing themselves laughing, shouting 'Over here' and 'It's mine' followed by 'Oh damn that was close' time after time. What a workout we all had. You will be pleased to know I wasn't shown the Red Card though for running ;)

At half time one of the trainers said "I never thought I would be standing here saying time after time "no running, no running" another said "we thought we would be shouting "come on pick up the pace" They were amazed that 12 over 60's could have so much energy, and what a laugh it was too :)

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Hey well done old girl - you do try these things out which is brilliant. No such imaginative classes here.


This is something I wanted to try last year in Chorley but not enough people were interested although I don't think it was advertised very well.

Ended up doing football training for the over 50s but there were only 2 of us on that but still enjoyed. Good to hear that in your area it is doing well.


This was run by Aberdeen Football Club who are always keen to get people involved with their club and promote fitness of all ages. They are trying to negotiate with the gym now they know it was liked for some time and a 5 a side pitch. Haven't laughed so much for a long time, it was brilliant fun. Very hard not to run though. ;)


What a wonderful idea - walking football. I wish there was something like that in my area and I might just suggest it at the doctor's surgery tomorrow. Thank you for a cheerful and inspiring post on what, at the moment, is a grey and rainy morning here in Bedford. Best wishes.


I can just picture it- sounds like great fun!


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