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Virtual Running

I was supposed to skip a rest day and go to Park Run with Mam and Dad - but Dad woke up late (he was volunteering) and Mam woke up with her joints aching, so I wound up not going -Dad still went but Mam I and took the opportunity to have breakfast together and a stroll around town.

the end result of us walking and talking is that we both signed up with Virtual Runner and for 2 virtual runs one is the RMR Masquerade NYE Ball 5K (taking place between tomorrow and Monday, just in case anyone wants to quickly sign up) in the name of Silver Star and the 'Run Like a Time Lord' in aid of something which is very near and dear to our hearts, The National Autistic Society. (that one's in March)

Now, before you go off on the misconception that I'm *entirely* selfless and devoted to my running, I'm going to say this now: You. Get. BLING!! Proper, actual bling, they send it through the post after you send proof you did the run (fitbit app, garmin app, probably Zombies, Run! app screenshots, all acceptable)

Yes, it's for a good cause but it helps a bit that there's Bling at the end of it, instead of just my usual boiling hot shower. What better motivation to do your 5k than a nice bit of bling?

And my life are these two blings glorious-looking, they're going to look SO FAB hanging on my dresser mirror (until I get an actual display board)

I really fancied the 'Run for Pizza' (I love the fact the Bling actually looks like a slice of pizza!) too but I decided that signing up for 2 races was enough for today, especially as I need to charge my fitbit and round up my running gear for tomorrow

(And yes, I WILL be running away from Zombies while I go and earn my Bling tomorrow with Mam. Running's so much more interesting with my new Bestie Sam the Radio Operator to talk to me ;) )

MrsPsycho out


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i love Virtual runner , i hve 4 lovely medals from doing their runs and find it motivates me beautifully , have a great run x ( im signed up for the pizza one , oh and run like a unicorn too lol ) and i think a couple others :D

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well, hopefully next week my Maskerade Bling will be in the post to me. I submitted my proof this morning ^_^


Good for you, but as a recent graduate, I would not recommend that you blithely start skipping rest days. It is often stated that you should run regularly for a year or more before running on consecutive days.

Take care. The first few months post graduation is a very common time for first injuries from overuse to occur.


No worries Iannoda - we were going to walk parkrun today not run it. I keep a close eye on Mrs Psycho to make sure she does take rest days especially as she has had a prolonged period of not running; she is in safe hands :D


I'm doing the Time Lord run too! (And the Unicorn one, mainly as my unicorn-obsessed tween daughter thinks she will be able to get her mitts on the bling).


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