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Running and Jumping

I woke up this morning, and felt that my running mojo had deserted me. Now, with all the 'Real Life' stress monsters having me jump through so many hoops that I'm honestly surprised the Olympic Committee haven't phoned me to ask when HtB and I are coming to pick up our gold medals, it's probably not surprising that a run was almost the last thing on my mind.

But a quick pep-talk from Mam (much love and appreciation, Mam!) had me if not raring to go then at least a bit more enthusiastic than I was when I woke up.

And so I have donned my fancy running leggings in the hope that they'll inspire me to run. Wish me luck

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Good luck!


Nothing like fancy leggings to get your legs moving 😀 GO, go, go! Wedding planners need their stress release 😀🏃‍♀️


Good luck, and remember that exercise can be great stress relief - I really notice how much more on edge I am if I've not been able to run for a few days!


Good luck, TSB.

Could it be that you are missing the 'structure' of the program?


Go to love your Mam! Well done you.. run it out of your system :)


Just done graduate + 1 run

Really didn't want to go but glad I did

Still finding it tough but am going to stick with Laura

I find the rubbish music strangly comforting -still can't get over them moving Julie to the warm up instead of the middle of the run


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