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Nervous about today's run


I do my w5r3 today which is the first big stint of running (20mins). I am quite nervous about this run. How did everyone else find it? X

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Lease let me know how it goes. Mine is on Saturday -nervous too.

I was really nervous about it but was surprised how quickly it went when I did it! It's one I was dreading for weeks before I did it! Just dont start off too fast and you'll be great! Let us know how you get on!


We ALL were nervous so you're not on your own there. The great thing is that the plan is amazing and your body is ready. Just tell your mind that you're running for a straight 20 today. Go slow and at an extremely manageable pace and you'll crack it no probs!


You can do it.... Just keep going and don't ho to fast .... It's great when you have done it so don't give up. Let us know how you did enjoy


It's good! I checked my log and i gave it a big tick and a smiley face☺

It's all in the mind. Go slow and you'll be fine :)


It's quite normal to be nervous about this one. However if youve followed the programme you are ready for it. Although it is a big step up, you are now fit enough and your legs have done enough in the past few weeks to cope with the 'bit extra'. Go slowly and focus on how good it will feel when you finish. And dont forget to allow youself a reward. Good luck!


Wish i had a £1 for every person who was worried about this run and then replied that it wasn't as bad as they thought... take it easy and it will be fine... just another step and you're ready for it :-)


I was very nervous about mine too (did it last Friday) and I did find it hard - but I did it. The first 15 minutes were okay but the last five, and particularly the last two, were really hard.

What kept me going was thinking that I'd done 15 minutes already therefore was 3/4 of the way through and I was damned if I was going to admit defeat at the point and have to do it again!!!

I was due to do week 6, day 1 today but I've done something to my lower back (new mattress required I think) so have decided to have a break until Wednesday. I'm really missing not going! I never thought I'd say that about exercise!!!!!

I managed it!!!! So pleased with myself. I found the first ten mins the hardest. Once I reached half way I knew I was on the home stretch and could do it. This programme has been so good for me. Thanks for all your support. X

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