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New Job, New House, New Hubby, New Name

Yes, it is me, the former shrinkingbride, having finally decided on my new name, with some help from my Hubby.

There is a reason for my choice of 'MrsPsycho' which is simply that my beloved Hubby is known by his online friends as 'Psycho' (this is a shortened version of 'PsychoticTreehugger' - they all thought it was funny at the time to give themselves 'demented hippy names') thus, having married him, I have, to his friends, become Mrs Psycho, so I thought why not make this my running name too?

Whilst I certainly must be psycho to want to go running in this cold rainy weather, I'm hoping that Hubby (Whom I shall sometimes refer to as Psycho or Mr Psycho, lol) picked up on my not-very-subtle hints and has bought me a lovely new set of running headphones that I've had my eye on, as my original pair were chomped through by one of the small furry overlords.

I'm not running at the moment as I'm struck down with the much dreaded lurgy and have spent the last week and a half coughing like a 50-a-day-chain smoker.

However, illness has not made me inactive, I've strapped on my fitbit and used the bursts of energy when I feel well to get the downstairs of the Psycho Abode ready for Christmas. It's lovely and tidy, scrubbed within an inch of it's life with, nary a corner untouched by cleaning equipment.

And, just to add to the christmassy feeling, after I raided the B&Q ornament sale on the way back from Dhiny's house (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed at ALL Times aka my much loved mother ;) ) and scored the last 6 of a certain type of bauble I fancied for an absolutely scandalously low price, I made mincemeat for mince pies

My energy's a bit low right now, so I'm leaving making pastry while I recharge and update you all.

However, after christmas (once I've shaken off the lurg and, hopefully, got my new earphones) I'm going to fire up my copy of 'Zombies, Run!' and possibly see my way to buying new trainers as my lovely purple Karrimors, who have seen me through all 9 weeks of C25k, a mayor's race, a rainbow run and running around at work, are starting to look their age and it may be time to retire them and get a new pair.

Stay safe, keep on running and I'll see you after christmas, have a good one

MrsPsycho out


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Are you sure that your shower is safe?

What's that Eek, eek, eek noise?

Take care and Happy Christmas.


the eek eek eek noise?....just the pipes...just the pipes.... ;)

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Well for a girl with the lurgy, you are powering through the Christmas jobs! Making your own mincemeat , now that's impressive :)

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I'm not very good at being ill, I tend to push myself during the bouts where I don't feel as bad then wind up exhausting myself....a bit like my running style, actually, lol


Hi there.. Mrs Psycho! Blimey if you can do all that when you are under par.. please come to my house :)

Great to have you ( and Mum??) back with us :) It will be lovely to have your posts again too :)


thanks OldFloss ^_^


Ha...hello (Tsb)..er Mrs.Psycho😆....

Sorry to hear you have the lurgy and hope it clears up before christmas...

Look forward to hearing all about your runs after Xmas. ..have a lovely time 😊xx


thanks Jan ^_^

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Oi Mrs Psycho, dust off your running shoes cos we're out tomorrow :)


I know where my shoes are, it's my sports bra needs the dust blown off ;)


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