Beyond happy!

Hello my lovely running pals,

So, after almost three weeks of not running (pulled hamstring and mystery virus that knocked me out for 9 days), I tentatively stepped out for a run after feeling better for the last two days.

I just did a nice steady 20 minutes - and it felt flipping amazing! My main concern was loss of stamina, but if anything, my stamina felt better than before! Legs felt okay; I can still feel something in my hamstring, but no pain at all. Stretched well and gently after and am so happy to get back out there I could cry!

Moral of the story is? If you are ill or have an injury, I know it is hard, but exercise patience and rest - and be kind to yourself. Stamina does not disappear completely after a couple of weeks or so - you might need to make your return to running a gentle one, but who cares! You can get back to form slowly. The most important thing is to stay well. The running will wait for you.

Sadie-runs x


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36 Replies

  • That's what I needed to read today as I wonder if this virus will ever properly leave me. Still feeling exhausted after 10 days so looks like at least 2 weeks off running. Plus I have just discovered that whilst my local park run happens on Christmas day the ones near where I will be at Christmas do not. 😔

  • Aw, SCB1, I feel your pain. Just this weekend past I was starting to think the virus would never go; never had one that lasted so long before and was close to booking a GP appointment. (Symptoms were sore stomach and extreme fatigue). I hope yours passes soon - just take it really easy and get as much sleep as you can. And I hope you get out for a lovely Xmas day run (even if it cannot be a park run). x

  • Glad you made it out! I’ve not run for 2 weeks as am also totally knackered get home from work and can barely stay running really not on the cards!

  • Can you run in the morning, Pol? I am knackered every night when I get home from work, so always run mornings to avoid the issue! (I know I would always debate myself out of an evening run as the day wore on!) In four months of running, I have not run once after 8am! Hope you get out again soon. x

  • No am at work for 7.30 so no way could get out for a run before. As just explained in my post couple of things not helping hopefully over Christmas break! 😊

  • I needed to read this too! I was at week 7 when I developed hip pain and was forced to rest, a week into that test period I stood up from crossed legged on the floor & tore a muscle in the same hip - a bruise the size of a dinner plate appeared, it was sore to walk, agony to walk up stairs and I couldn't sleep on it that was 2 weeks ago it's still sore if I walk too far so I'm having to wait it out and I know it might be another 2 weeks before I can to run again - I was really devastated after sticking religiously to the programme but now I'm just trying to be philosophical about it and hoping my stamina isn't too badly affected or that my injury takes even longer to heal!

  • Ouch! Oh minibear! Sounds like you need to see a doctor?

    I had some hip niggles right after graduation, and made it my mission to learn how to a) stretch them properly b) strengthen them. Seems to be helping.

    For you, for now, rest up. Like I said, the running will wait for you. This is for life, right, so if you don't run for a few weeks it really is not the end of the world - you will start up again the minute you are well. When I had no idea how long I was going to laid up for, I was actually thinking of starting C25K again! And you know, I didn't mind that idea. I just want to run.

    Hope that you heal quickly - take care.

    Sadie-runs x

  • Thanks Sadie, I have a Physio friend who has recommended rest and ice and I will work on exercises - when I did it it hurt so badly I swore I'd never run again! I'd already had a knee problem I'd paid to see a sports Physio with and it felt like a lot of injury even though I'd been sensible and was doing pilates alongside - anyway I calmed down the amateur dramatics and am looking forward to being able to run again - good luck with your running and hopefully you stay fit and well X

  • Ha! I am a seasoned member of the old Am Dram Society! First, hip injury after graduation - felt sure my running career was over before it began, shortly followed by pulled hamstring after overdoing things, sunk into a deep pit of despair. To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, it is not that we have fallen that counts, but the fact that we have got back up again (or something like that!) x

  • Oh no... minibear ...that sounds very painful...but patience is the key...& as Sadie-runs says, her stamina felt better!!!! ...don’t waste your energy worrying about that, use your energy on getting better...reading posts like Sadie’s gives us a boost & the reassurance about things we’re often worried about...we are not alone, other people are either going through it themselves or have gone through it...this forum is so precious x

  • Thanks, it was bloody painful - I almost passed out when I did it! I'm not the most patient of people and I just want to be good straightaway, I'm not traditionally good at sticking to things I'm not instantly good at, so having managed to stick to it and being really rubbish at times but keeping going was a new thing for me, so the setback is a killer but good to learn not to give up!! thanks for the support x

  • It truly is, dear MC. 😘

  • 😘

  • Glad you’re back on your feet Sadie, that virus really is doing the rounds at the moment.

    If off out in a few mins after a week off due to weather...😊

    Take care and happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😘

  • Yes, it's a nasty one. Stay healthy and away from people!

    Hope you get back running soon, too. Thanks Ted!

    Sadie-runs x

  •’re back!!! Wise words Sadie-runs ...I know how frustrated you have a wasp in a jar!!! But you’re out now & if you’d have gone out any sooner you would’ve been out of action for much longer...looking forward to reading your happy running posts again xxx MC xxx

  • ❤️ Dear Mummycav! Thank you. Wasp in a jar is a great description ha ha! 😀 It was probably one of the best runs I have had in my short 4 month running career, because of the sheer joy of getting out again. Hope that all is well with you?

    Sadie-runs xxx

  • It is Sadie-runs ..should’ve got put myself today but seeing as I am ‘Santa’ there aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment & im away for the weekend for a family wedding so my a is to get out there in the morning before the shananagins begin!!! X

  • Hope you do, MC! It is the season of stretching oneself thin, ill health and icy pavements aaaagh. Cannot wait for spring to spring! xxx

  • Well done you x

  • Thanks Flick. And phew!

  • Well done you I’m just about to step back out after an injury and your post as always was fortuitous and inspiring 😊

  • Welcome, dear Soots. Hope your recovery run goes well. Don't overthink it - just get out and see what you can do. 😘

  • It seems there is a lot of illness this time of year and it can affect our running regime. You have proved it is possible to get back out there after a break due to unforeseen circumstances. Good for you. Glad you enjoyed your run. You must feel great 🙌🏻🙋🏻

  • I do! Still twingey, so proceeding with extreme caution, but it was nice to discover that my lungs and legs still knew what to do. 😀 Hope that you are well, dear TJ. x

  • Great that you are out and running again- happy, happy, grin! 😄

  • Thank you Elfe! x

  • Welcome back Sadie!

  • Cheers, Seaskimmer! It was so lovely to run again! 😘

  • Oh my lovely Sadie-runs, I’ve only just seen this but I’m so, so pleased that you’re feeling better and up and out there 😊 xx

  • Thanks my darling HITC! Who knew I could be so patient, eh?! Not truly back to form, but running and happy. I am determined if nothing else. 😀 How are things with you? Kitchen done? Running? Thinking about running? I miss your posts. You make my sides split. Takes my mind off my hamstrings. 😀 xxx

  • You’re certainly determined 😊

    It’s been a bit manic... drove over 750 miles in that delightful weather last weekend to move my daughter from one end of the country to the other 🤦🏻‍♀️ Kitchen not finished... so abandoning ship and heading to mum & dad for Christmas 😂 Haven’t run for 12 days 😭 (but that’s been eased by the purchase of my new car last Thursday) 😉 So, tomorrow I’m getting out there comforted by the knowledge that you had a good run after your absence (because I’m dreading it) 😳 Hopefully, side splitting posts will resume 😂


  • Well, ain't you been a busy lass!

    Aw, don't dread it! Take it nice and slow, you may be surprised. I am all in it for the pleasure now, and not so concerned about how fast or how far. Winter is bloody challenging for us runners.

    Have a good run, be careful if it's icy!

    Sadie-runs xx

  • Thank you my lovely. I’m going to head to the park today (it’ll be mud all the way, but should be ice free). Lots of walking, no doubt, but it’ll be good just to get out there 🤗

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Have a lovely Sunday. Xx

  • Ooh I've only just spotted this! So pleased to hear you made it out again, and that your comeback was a satisfying one. You'll be back on full form before you know it. xx

  • Thanks dear Helene. Still have a very mild, dull ache in the hamstring, but no pain at all, so all good. Am stretching gently and taking it slow. Just feel so happy to have my running back. Had another wee run this morning - visiting my mum and brought my running shoes, just in case. 😀😀😀 xxx

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