Happy bunny today

Just got back from my first run for two weeks, I've had one of these horrible bugs that have been going round. I wasn't sure if running in the cold was a good idea, what with my asthma and rotten cough, but thought it should be ok as long as I took it easy-ish and stopped if I didn't feel well. Well, of course I didn't take it quite as easy as I'd intended, but it was fine. I was afraid such a long break would have taken all my progress away, but I did most of the Stamina podcast. Felt I needed something to keep me going. Got to try out my new M & S sport bra, really good!

Running - I've missed you!


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15 Replies

  • Hi Curly ! Glad you're feeling better. Stamina is a good podcast. I love it. Mind you I love all the three. Great work out you get from them. I like being told what to do. Saves me the bother of thinking for myself. LOL

  • Good for you Curly. I need to get my act in gear and follow your good example. Perhaps the Stamina podcast would be a good idea for me too.

  • Oh that's good to hear, sorry you've been so poorly. It's hard to go easy isn't it, you're so desperate to get back out there and to where you were, but do try and not push yourself too hard as that might set you back again x

  • Yay Go Curly ! I bet you were like a caged beast ha ha ! :-)

    Glad to hear you managed to get out and have a good run , fair warms the cockles to hear that .

    It is flippin' freezing here today, time for the hat and gloves I think :-) xxx

  • Great job Curly welcome back so glad you're feeling the love again!

  • Hi Curly :) is it ever to cold to run? lol glad you are feeling better and back out there :)

  • Happy to hear that you are back on your feet - my cold is pretty well all gone now . Perhaps it is sometimes good for these things to force us to take a little time off??

  • glad your back out and running

  • hey thats fantastic, well done you, and just remember your inhaler on a run...I get in a panic if I don't have mine!!! Glad the bra was good too :)

  • I've had the same bug thing for a couple of weeks. Thought it had gone then it came back! I have reduced my distance and my pace has dropped off a bit but I have managed to drag myself out and once i've got going it's been ok (ish).

  • Curlygurly, so sorry you had this bug ( I had a clod that became a chest infection) Of course, you can run, but you might cough quite a bit (at least if no one's watching, you can spit it out, because that's the aim of coughing!) I hope you feel much better soon and can resume your running.

    I know what you mean by missing your run. Well, it won't run away! Your legs, hopefully will go very soon. It's a medium way to adopt for now, you van run, but take it easy at the same time, because your body is already fighting hard. Best of luck, though.

  • Welcome back :)

  • Hi, glad you are back running, well done. Hope the bug has completely gone now.

  • I see you've had it as well, horrible isn't it? It hasn't completely gone I probably should have waited a bit longer, but I was feeling better in myself although I'm still coughing..I was going stir crazy though just sitting around at home and not getting any fresh air...

  • Two weeks seems like forever doesn't it. But you took it in your stride and did well - and enjoyed it by the sounds - good for you!

    Glad you're feeling better now, but take it steady - keep a good eye on yourself.

    Take care xx

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