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Inching beyond consolidation


I graduated in early January and have been consolidating my runs since. I didn’t have any major interruptions during C25K (apart from a bout of food poisoning 😬), but soon after graduation went on holiday and couldn’t do 3x30. But I did what I could and got back into running as soon as I returned. Couple of weeks ago I was felled by a cold and couldn’t run for 5 days. Life will blooming interfere with our plans! But, when I could I got back out and put in another week of 3x30.

Today was my first run without the C25K app - I’ve been repeating the graduation runs (using different coaches for variation) as I’ve needed the encouragement and the timings, and also my first run without music - tried a podcast to see how that worked. AND I added 5 mins - so ran for a full 35 mins (and some exercises on the machines in the park) so I’m very pleased with myself for that! I continue to run slowly and am enjoying the Japanese slow jogging technique - I felt I could have run for longer. But I’d reread IannodaTruffe’s after C25K post this morning and the 10% rule - and just being very careful as a new runner.

It is amazing 3 months ago I thought the 1 min run would kill me. So for all you starting out or part way through - you’ll get there and beyond!

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I am consolidating my runs too, and last night upped it to 35 minutes! I think I could run for longer too but sticking to the 10% rule. I am happy keeping things slow and steady as I want to be in this for the long haul and hopefully carry on running for good now. So pleased to have discovered the joy of running and this forum!

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to sofiaO

This is exactly it. I want the running to be really imbedded in my life & the best way is to keep going and avoiding injury. So speed can wait (and I may not ever go fast) but I can plod on & build more strength through duration. Well done you too!!

sofiaOGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

I was just reading about the Japanese running technique you mentioned, very interesting, Definitely my kinda style!

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to sofiaO

It’s so good! And with the straight back part I feel I’m working more of my core. I still feel I’m running - just not hurting myself at all x

sofiaOGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

I was just watching a video of an old Japanese man running, I love it! Actually makes a lot of sense. Running too fast triggers the bodies fight or flight response thinking you are under threat, whereas slow jogging releases much more positive endorphins. This helps me feel more validated about my runs so far!


Thanks for sharing that’s real motivation to keep going and keep it slow and steady x


Brilliant inspiration, thank you DiscoRunner. I always thought graduates of this program were seasoned runners and far removed from us beginners. But reading your post shows me that you still remember what we're going through now - and I hope to emulate your success (if I stick to my schedule, my graduation is due mid March). Well done x

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to mummybowles

I still consider myself very much s beginner and spend more time on this part of the site than Bridge to 10k. There’s so much good advice on here for all levels. And with my slow pace I’m not running 5k yet and will build to that by adding to duration - but slowly over time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I’m doing in 3, 6 and 12 months time. I’m so thrilled to have found running & this forum! You’ll get there!


Just did my graduation run this morning so pleased to see this inspiring post it will keep me going thank you

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to micey2

Well done on graduating 💪🏆🌟💪! Such an achievement - feels really great doesn’t it?!

micey2Graduate in reply to DiscoRunner

It really does, my husband just grunted but hey ho I get my support here.... he reckons his running days are over which is a shame because he actually completed quite a few half marathons in his time.... going to keep working on him 🙄🙄

DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to micey2

When he sees you in a few months! I’ve been encouraging my husband - but I think seeing the results & commitment will be the best way to entice them!


Thanks for this. Very cheering for me, as I finish off Week 8. Something to look forward to! 🎉👏🏼👍


Fantastic: it just shows that the odd break doesn’t hold you back 👍


Great for Continuing your running , you've got to keep it up good luck

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