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OUCH! My Leg!

Just done W2R3, my left leg from the knee down felt like it was burning from the very begining of my run today, I felt like I neededto stop and give it a good stretch! I didn't I carried on to see if it would ease of which it did slightly but every time I had to do the 90 mins of running it was hurting again. I was running on the treadmill at 7.5 so not exactly going fast. any ideas what this might be??? not done running before so not sure if this is normal? I feel like my confidence has been knocked a bit and am aprehensive about moving on to W3R1. It doesn't hurt anymore. any advice? :)

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I hope you were doing 90 seconds of running and not 90 minutes ? ;-)

I keep saying the same old same old thing but have you had your gait analysed at a decent running shop and have you bought decent running shoes ? It really does make a world of difference.


doh! 90mins I wish! 90 secs. not sure what Gait is? but I have invested in a good pair of running shoes they feel like I am walking on clouds! :)


if it's not shoes, and you mobilise/stretch and no known injury then it's just muscle protest, it will go away once you've taught protesting muscles that they ARE going to do this, they just don't like it but do get the hang of it :)


You may feel like you're walking on clouds in your running shoes but do you feel like you're running on clouds when you run?

Gait analysis looks the way your foot and ankles fall as your foot hits the ground and moves forward. It's done on a treadmill with a video camera recording your movements. Then they play back the recording and slow it right down to see how your foot and ankles react to running. Some people's ankles roll inwards or outwards as the foot makes contact with the ground which can cause huge problems if not corrected.

When I started C25K, I went out and bought what I thought was a lovely, comfy pair of running trainers straight away. Like you, I felt I was walking on clouds initially. I didn't notice any problems until week 5 or 6 when I suddenly started to get pain in my left ankle that only occurred when I ran. These are the weeks when the running times start to increase more heavily. I finally got a gait analysis done and it turns out I've been wearing the wrong trainers for my gait which is why I have the pain. I've just invested in a pair of orthotic inserts to correct the gait but I wish I'd had the analysis done before I started. It's usually a free service and there's no pressure to buy the trainers they may offer you.


I ran for almost a year indoors on the treadmill with basic adidas trainers wiithout any problems, but it wasnt until I got outside recently that I got pain in my left leg from my knee down to my ankle. I went for a gait/treadmill analysis & I overpronate (roll into my foot) when I land & this is what was causing the pain. I bought new trainers that have support & it has made all the difference. you dont have to buy the ones in the shop. you can always get the "model no" & shop around for the same thing online & hopefully much cheaper.

good luck. hope it clears up soon as running on painful isnt much fun :)


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