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Recommendations needed after injury

So its been 2 weeks since my last full run as I tweaked a muscle in my calf that took a week to stop hurting, then have done another weeks rest just to make sure its right. I had got up to week 4, but feel that I should ease back in a little rather than go straight for W4R1 again.

Can anyone recommend what they've done after a two week layoff?

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Why not repeat week three and see how you feel. Remember to take it slowly and if you feel any pain then stop immediately.

Warm up for longer and stretch after each run and on rest days too.

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I had a month off with a cracked rib around W3R3 and went back to redo the whole W3 after the layoff which worked out just right for me. I don't think the fitness drops off as fast as you think. After only 2 weeks maybe you could just redo the last couple?


I have also been resting a calf injury ( for 10 days). When the ice has melted I am heading out cautiously. The advice above to do extra warm up is great - I'll be stretching and then walking for at least 10 mins. I thought I might alternate jogging gently with walking for 1 or 2 min intervals for my first try, just to check all is ok. I want to stay off that I. C. ! 😃

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Thanks for all the recommendations! Trying out the extra warmup and repeating week 3!


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