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In a rut or making one? - week7 completed

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So I bought myself a cinnamon bun as an end of run incentive today. I recognised the young girl behind the counter as someone I often pass, either striding out on my warm up walk or teetering back red faced at the end. I introduced myself as the mad woman in running gear , as I now realize we must be near neighbours. Anyway the sweet young thing said she thinks how fit I must be, that she has all the gear but just looks at it. I must say that little exchange put a spring in my step for the final run this week.

Talking of ruts.... I have made my own personal one on my usual run route, familiar, predictable and measurable (that is , I know when I’m half way . So the question is- for week eight do I do as jo says and try a change of route? Get out of my rut and make another? Perhaps I should just turn right instead of left and see where the warm up walk takes me

What do others do?

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It doesn't sound as if you're in a rut at all. You've got to week 8 and you're nearing the finish line 🙂

Do what you feel like on the run. Turn left instead of right, right instead of left, backwards instead of forwards..... oh no that's just Oldfloss 😂

And maybe you could get the sweet young thing to start the programme too 🙂

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Irishprincess

Yes... looppppppy as ever that is me :) ...and it is heading towards Christmas :)

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davelinksGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Ah! Early Christmas cheer!😁

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to davelinks

Yep.. coming up that time again... Here I go :)

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Go on... shake it up a little... you are doing amazingly so why not just be a little devil. keep it slow and keep it steady and see where you finish up!

Shaking up the route is a great idea, especially on the longer runs, because on a set route you get used to your milestones and timings, so mixing it up, gives you something else to think about rather than focussing on “by now I should be here”.

I think the coach podcast suggests it for that reason...

Also it helps you learn new places for all those runs post graduation!

Happy running whether in or out of the rut!

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LookNannyrunsGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks, yes I thought it was probably time to make a change. I can’t believe I’m actually running never mind planning routes! I love this forum with so many people offering support and advice

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Well i say turn left and just keep running!! Since i started the continuous runs i am on w9 r2 on Sunday, and every time i have gone out i have varied my run. Tonight i had a different route in my mind & got 5 mins into my run & just turned right & had a great run in the sense no idea of time until laura spoke & ended up doing 5k as continued walk run after 30 mins run as was so far away from my house!! Very slow though😂but thats ok. Enjoy 😊

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LookNannyrunsGraduate in reply to Pc59

😂 well, since my navigation skills have never saved my legs before I’m looking forward to a few adventures...

I guess it can be a long walk home 🙄 but this running thing has quite got under my skin.

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