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Week 8 Run 1 in the bag. Just!

Covered 4km so a steady but respectable pace for me but not so much of a spring in my step this run after finding my legs on W7R3. Woke up with a white tongue (eek! my manager googled it and told me I may be a giraffe) and huge tonsils, but I thought a run might help get the blood pumping and help me sweat out and get over what ever this bug is.

It may well do long term, but short term by the end of this run I was knackered with a full day of work ahead of me. Just stopping in to say hello and check in on you all, and to post in solidarity with anyone else running while not quite feeling 100% today. You can do it!

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Maybe I'm the only one with a cold at the moment I guess! Unsual for no comments, is anybody out here 😂


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