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Week Nine Run 1 in the bag!

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Went out there today really ready for it! Turned on ipod-no week 9, or week 8. Stupid thing had deleted weeks 8 & 9 whilst downloading stepping stones, speed and stamina last night. Well heck! I was not going to run without music or without Laura holding my hand, so tuned into week 7. This was ideal, as 25m run-all I had to do was run an extra 5m when Laura said it was the warm down walk. I did, and actually enjoyed it. My chest was tight-thought i'd taken my inhalers, but turned out I hadn't. Psychologically good as I kept on running and soon I was breathing ok. One lady asked as I was running past her if I was doing a running programme-yelled out couch to 5K, just hope she heard me. Lots of encouragement, and whenever and appropriate said this is my Graduate week-I Graduate on Friday. lots of beaming smiles and thumbs up. Some little ones decided to run with me for a bit-put me to shame! And a lovely sheep-dog too, who has run with me before-not too far, but just a few yards. Another 2 runs and I've done it! Andy sent me small T shirts which arrived today, in place of the large, so will wear one when I go out on Friday-just hope not to big!

Just to let you guys know sports direct are selling jogging pants for £6.50-bought 2 pairs online last night. Cheap and cheerful for me :-)

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Well done and sounds as if you have made friends along the way too! Good luck with the rest of the week, I have 2 more to before graduating too, but not sue when that will be,as not well at the moment, but will definitely be within the next 2 weeks! May have a look at Sports Direct as well!

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Pearsey in reply to caro8642

Hope you get better soon Caroline. Try not to do too much too soon when you do get better-just pace yourself and you will be fine-promise! :-)


really well done - am so impressed that you can call out whilst running!! :-)

Looking forward to reading your graduation post!

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Fabulous Collette, I went out yesterday morning and nailed run 1.. can't believe we've only got two left. Good luck for R2 Jxx

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SBG356Graduate in reply to jlow

Great news Jackie; glad it went well for you! I ran this one yesterday too, after finishing W8 on Saturday, but had bags of energy so thought it was silly to waste it.......!

One down, two to go - yippee!! Sxx

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Pearsey in reply to jlow

Yeeeeeah! I couldn't believe how much energy I had after I had finished though. I actually ran 32 minutes, with Laura chattering before the warm down walk bit, where I ran. Have felt really high all day. Went for coffee with Richard to friends after i'd showered and had some breakfast, and Sue is interested. She cannot believe I ran that far continuously and, the best bit, I've lost 5Kgs in weight. So, couch to 5k and lose 5kgs, lol :-).

Run 2 on Wednesday, then run 3 after dropping Richard off at the hospital for his op-yeeeah, another battle won! Will be a big day for me Friday. I plan to wear one of my graduation T shirts-I think the yellow one-make a statement, then everyone will notice, hee,hee.

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Pearsey in reply to jlow

Ooooops! Meant to say Good Luck for run 2 Jackie.


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Very well done Colette, its a great feeling isnt it to be running for the 30 mins now! I did this run yesterday too (very naughty as I had also run on Saturday....) so there will be quite a number of us graduating this week by the sounds of it - cant wait!! Looking forward to reading all the celebration blogs! Sue x

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Pearsey in reply to SBG356

Well done to you Sue-or should I say naughty Sue? Sounds like Sooty and Sweep, lol!! Try and resist until Wednesday, then we will all graduate together on Friday. Poor John is going to be bombarded with "I've done it(s)" :-)

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Fab stuff, congratulations. Sounds like there will be lots of graduation blogs this week which is great!! Looking forward to reading yours!

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Pearsey in reply to Fraz73

Thank you Fraz73-looks as though there will be-poor John will be overwhelmed :-)


Thank you everyone-overwhelmed by the number of people commenting on the post. Won't it be great-us all Graduating together? Yep-i can talk and run-you should be able too, or you're going too fast if you can't. Developed the knack of speaking as I go past fast enough to get it all out, lol!! Good for the breathing! :-)

Well done, Colette - have visions of a band of people (and dogs) running along behind you as you graduate! :)

You may be right rubbishrunner! I don't like saying that anymore now you-re a Graduate, sounds insulting, lol!! Time for a name change wasrubbishrunner? :-)

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