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Speed - week 6 complete


Good evening amazing collective brain. As a COMPLETE newbie to any kind of fitness have just completed week 6 and cannot quite believe it! I am managing to keep good breath control but my calves are the muscle needing the most building and currently limiting my pace. Am completing the runs but it is slow - around ten or ten and a bit mins per km when sustaining over a long period like tonight's 25 min run. I have managed each run first time of asking so far so am wondering whether to try and get faster even if cannot sustain for the next few weeks, keep going as I am to try to complete then try to build speed or go back to week 1 trying to be speedier now can maintain longer. Any advice would be much appreciated as think will complete but at current pace will be miles from 5k in the 30 mins! Thanks so much!

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Please read this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You don't need to speed up. If you do your injury risk will soar, so just be content with running at a comfortable pace, which will build your basic endurance, stamina and strength and later on you can think about speed.

Take care.

Thank you so much for your links! The advice from such experienced runners as yourself is invaluable to a newbie like me!


Keep going and stay slow. Your speed will likely build naturally as your fitness builds - that's what I'm finding (on my 2nd week after graduation). But for now definitely stay slow and stick to the plan.

Newtothis32 in reply to orcadia

Thanks for the great advice - shall focus on graduating then worry about what next!

As I understand it most people graduate without running 5k in 30minutes - I didn't. I don't think speed matters, it's keeping running at a pace that works for you. Eventually being able to run for 30 minutes is an amazing achievement. Slow and steady seems to be the mantra. Happy running!

Thanks - it is so amazing to think that in 6 weeks it can build you up to run for 25 already! Onwards and upwards!


I graduated in February and I’m only just beginning to push past 3k now. Everyone is different and the majority of us hadn’t run 5k by graduation - although some fit people with long legs sail past it in week 6 and don’t understand what all the fuss is about ! Do what works for you, and enjoy the journey x

OK thanks shall stop worrying! Didn't want to be feeling that achieving the weeks if doing too slowly!

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Newtothis32

You’re doing great, so stick with it 😀


The objective of the program is to run for 30 minutes three times in one week.

Whilst "C25K" is a catchy title, it is not accurate. But "C2r430m3xi1w" is a bit of a mouthful. So take all the good advice from the collective mind: simply concentrate on the run timings, ignore pace, speed, distance and work your way through the program. You have the rest of your uninjured running life to work on other aspects of your running. For now, slow and steady.

Newtothis32 in reply to MarkyD

Thank you. Just so new to all of this and want to do it correctly! You are right about not having the same ring to it!!

I would suggest that you stay at your pace - slow and steady and complete all 9 weeks. In week 10 - ie after graduation - you can work on your speed. That’s my plan. I run at a snail’s pace but I’m getting through without pain, injury stitch or breathlessness. Well done on the job you’ve done so far!

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