Set of in the rain ☔️ with cold wind 💨 blowing in my face, hat on but no gloves, 5 minutes on I was wishing I had put them on but halfway through I was glad I hadn’t because I was properly warmed up by then. 28 minutes went in a flash. Did have to take my glasses 👓 off halfway round as I couldn’t see due to rain. Can’t believe it 4 more runs 🏃‍♀️ and I’ll graduate and to think 8 weeks ago I could barely run 1 minute. What an amazing program.


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6 Replies

  • Well done you, graduation beckons

  • It sure is! Well done.

    Start off with gloves on and you can stash em if you want once you’re warmed up

    A running cap would be handy to keep the rain off your specs My cap fits over my Buff which I fold into a headband to cover my ears

    If you get cold and wet you’ll get fed up

    Good luck with your remaining runs. Not long now 👍🙂

  • Keep hearing about wearing a "buff" what is that? I'm probably a bit thick.

  • I found that a pair of driving gloves is perfect for me. :)

    Finger tips get -and stay- coldest but dgs protect them while the rest of my hands stay well ventilated :)

    Plus - they are nice and low key. I had some gloves that made me look like the Boston Strangler lol.

  • Buff is a runner's friend! Get one! The Buff UK site is down at the mo but do go there and have a look for running Buffs. It's a tube of material that you use as a hat, headband etc. It can be used in about 13 different ways I think. They have a little video clip there to show you how to form your buff into the various shapes. I use mine folded into a headband to cover my ears and keep my earplugs in place They are sweat wicking so you stay dry and warm. You can twist it into a beanie as well if you want full head cover.

    i got mine free when I joined our local jog club


  • Thanks, found them on amazon, will have one tomorrow, in time for my next run Thursday.

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