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Hi there fellow c25k's, well last night I ran, yes I ran, there I said it.

I had taken two days rest before my last run and it went quite nice Lol.

Well last night I had just put away my running gear, run365 running tights £9.99 from sportsdirect, running shirt £4.00 from Aldi ( other shops and brands are available ) but i'm a tight git.

I found I was stood looking at the fruit bowl, hmmm bananas I thought and a nice big glass of water.

Before you could say warm up, I was in my running gear starting the 5 minutes brisk walk. After the stretch and leg rolls I set my watch to 45 minutes and started running, I run as some of you might know on a treadmill, well I have taken to covering up the speed and distance and just run at what ever speed feels "right" well after my legs started to feel tired but manageable I glanced at the distance and felt reet good upon seeing 3 miles, then it hit me......3.11 is 5k, quick as a speeding bullet in slow mo, I increased the speed one tenth, as the digits hit 3.11, the stopwatch stated 37.20 mins.

I felt smashing! Like you know, a runner!! down, stretch...and grin, like an idiot for quite sometime!!!

Day after no pain, just a nice ache that let's me know I've done some exercise.

I now know that soon in a month or two, that the 30min 5k is possible, so thank you everyone for your blogs of inspiration, your tales of skill, courage, and determination.

And for those still wondering, if I can do it with my screwed up loss of balance, poor coordination, and devilish good looks anyone can!

All the best


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Fantastic Dale! :) From reading about you when you first blogged and following your journey, I have been amazed! And laughed.... :D I think it was that running gear that helped you.......Oh, and the bananas!! :D

Not long to grad week now!



Fantastic Dale. Well done :-)


Brilliantly run, Dale. Big fat smile all over my face for you! :D


Well done Dale, huge respect for anyone who can do this on a treadmill - they are instruments of torture in my book :-D


So very well done Dale! No stopping you now!!!! I like the idea of covering the treadmill screen, sometimes I think we focus too much on the numbers. Such a cute blog and looking forward to that upcoming grad blog! Gayle


Well done Dale.


Fantastic, Dale - you're well on your way to graduation! I look forward to your graduation blog - I reckon that's going to be a good 'un :D



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