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Wk9 R1 and a little bit extra

Mental block... what mental block?

It's amazing to think that 8 weeks ago I was daunted by the thought of running for 60 seconds but today, after running for 30 minutes I looked at my distance, saw I was at 4.6km and said (yes, said, out loud using normal breathing) "It's only 3 more minutes."

So I did it, I ran for a total of 33 minutes 23 seconds and ran 5km.

I then ate a banana, drank some water and did a 15 minute yoga post-run cool down. #smugface

I totally expect the rest of the day to be chaos but this hour has been fantastic :)

Two runs left :)

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Well done. You did great. Good luck for the next 2 runs. Enjoy your day. :)


How fabulous!!!!


Yay! Well done! And super speedy too! :-)


Leave your mind at home when you go running. It just gets in the road

Well done, missus, you're doing just brilliantly. Nearly there now. That finishing line is within touching distance


Well done - good time and mindset. Fun, isn't it?


Well done Rolyat.

LOL @ #smugface


Loving your inspiration! Fantastic.


Well done Amanda - you deserve to have your smug face on! Just about there now. Have you something fabulous planned for your graduation run?


Yay, that's the spirit! Congratulations and well done so far! :)


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