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What is it about Laura? And mojo maintenance?

I now have Laura on NHS Strength and Flex podcast (thanks to various advisors on giving this a go - well worth it) and she is quite hypnotic. In a good way. So am wandering around children's playgrounds at dawn flexing my quads and hams and looking for right-sized trees/playground equipment (I don't think it's illegal although I'm over 12).

Most importantly, I also have Michael Johnson (yes, he's Smooth, Jan!) sending me out on Week 6 which I am running in a repeating loop. Because I have discovered a secret to my mojo awakening and mojo maintenance.

Skip this if it's plain obvious or boring - but I couldn't work out why I felt defeated by the idea of running 25mins or more without stopping, for every run (even though I know I can). The thought was making me turn over in bed and practise my sleeping (which is going very well, since discovery of the Power of Vitamin D3 - sidetrack, but am now Vit D3 evangelist).

It's to do with what I'm calling the 'crescendo effect' - like many others I suspect I like to do things in threes and I like the end of the trio to feel complete with a bit of a sense of victory. But I don't want the first one of the three to be too daunting. And I want the middle one to be in between those two. Plus I like to think in a weekly sequence, even if I don't stick to doing my three runs within 7 days. So I start easy on a 'Monday' and rise to great celebratory heights by 'Friday'.

So, there we have it: Week 6 on a loop is my savious for now (or Week 5 would do similarly). And these were both tough weeks pre-graduation and they now feel like good old friends that I can come back to time and again.

I love it when perception changes - means there's hope for me in all sorts of other arenas.

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There sure is 👍🙂.

I did S & F with Laura in the local park, with its handy railings and benches 👍. Good int it 💪

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It’s just brilliant - I should not question just submit and do. She is irresistible 😀


I did Laura in the house.. with stairs.... newel post and a shoe bench :)

Go you!

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On a wet/cold day I will do similarly - and will feel at least a little bit righteous- even if running gets put off.

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