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What is it about Laura?

Hi folks

Was back out there this morning wearing gloves this time and thanks to all the advice from other forum people answering my question about inhaling cold air, I wore my motorcycle neck tube pulled up over my North and South! Worked a treat and eventually had to abandon said facial covering cos I got too hot!

Laura kept me company the whole way. I am using Week 7 at the moment to get back into my stride and I must say, Laura's little comments every so often don;t half keep me going. I am sure if I hadn't had her in my ears I might have stopped for a walk / rest at one point, but knowing that you've run 5 minutes, then told about the half way point, then told about the last minute to go really helped me. I was faster as well today compared to Monday just gone, so there is some improvement happening. Hurrah!!

Also I'm finding that my glutes stretches before I go out seem to help me. Dunno why, but the physio said that if I did them before I went out then it'd send a signal to my brain to use them for the POWER aspect -ie projecting myself forward, instead of just using my calves to do the same thing, which is what I had been doing. Oddly this morning when I returned home, my arse muscles were reeeeeeally quite sore!! So they must have been working out!

Right back to work I go on my dog film. it's a gas.

More soon...


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I find Laura really does keep you going , after I graduated I used my own music minus Laura , today using the speed podcast I realised how much I had missed her & had a really enjoyable run ,she really does have a positive affect , & I wonder if I can ever break the strings lol


Do Oscar and Tallulah approve of you working on a dog film?


Sshhhhh! I haven't told them!


Too much info re the arse muscles! ;)


Oops! Sorry OldNed. Meant to say BUTTOCKS!!


I am so so pleased you are pounding the streets sound so much better.....and I always feel if my arse muscles aren't sore I haven't pushed myself enough :)

Well done DTG...and keep on running....


You do sound much more positive. Sounds like it's going well. I'm back with Laura too.


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