Week 7.....always a low?

Week 6 I felt I had breakthrough and whilst I was shattered I was also completely exhilerated. Week 7 each of the 3 runs have felt hard yards.....treadmill was necessary due to work this week, I nearly passed out with the heat in the gym of the hotel 😀. Run 3 today just tough and couldn’t get into it.... have done road and woodland

Appreciate it’s all in the mind but some guidance for next week would be so appreciated......🙏😀


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8 Replies

  • I've not done treadmill running to any great extent as I get in a panic so hats off to you for doing week 7 on one!

    I found this week to be a real struggle, I would just stop and walk for no particular reason and it was a real struggle in my mind because my legs were perfectly capable. I just gave myself a talking to and made myself run further before stopping and all of a sudden it just clicked into place.

    Don't overthink it, don't worry about it either, maybe change your route (although it sounds like you have done this), maybe change what you are listening to - I listen to audiobooks rather than music.

  • Thanks for your guidance. I'm wondering if my legs do have the strength left but after I've walked even for ten seconds I'm ok to run again. I think I need to not think and perhaps just do!

  • Hiya... I know what you're talking about. I just finished Week 7 Run 2 and it was hard. I think it's maybe because we're almost left to our own devices now for the 25 minutes. Also today felt like a chore that I've been putting off and off. I did the run and didn't stop but I could've easily of given up several times.

    It really is a mental game now and we must remind ourselves that we have come a long way and are so near to the end now.

    Don't give up. Wish you the best of luck.

  • Thanks Donna. Wise words

  • You’ll be fine. Slow and steady and enjoy yourself 👍🙂✔️

  • I needed extra days rest in w7 -- perhaps you do too?

  • Just relax... take it slowly and enjoy the lovely long runs... Now you can let the legs take you and just feel your happy pace taking over.

    A new route, so, look around, breathe gently, reflect on how far you have come and simply enjoy :)

  • It really is mind over matter in the longer runs. I convince myself that it is not possible and then shake myself and push on. Eventually I get told 5 mins to go and then you start to realise that yes I can.... keep going and then the finish.... ahhh. Best feeling ever!

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