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In ear headphones

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Hi everyone, after a recent post discussing Christmas gifts for my running man I got some great ideas but still haven’t bought in ear headphones

Just wanted to know for the folks who use them what is the good & bad about the ones you like the best?

I know he’d like Bose ones but they look so cumbersome (wireless ones).in a shop called Up & Running they had some that played music through your ear bone instead -looked more comfy but gimicky? I’m just not wanting to spend a lot of money n make a mistake so be grateful for some pointers


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I have Bose soundsport (I think that's what they are called) and they are fine. I am always using them when running, or walking, and they don't feel cumbersome - in fact they feel quite comfy. They are in ear but you get three different sizes of 'bud' so you can adjust them to fit. I just use them for audio and not music, but my husband is really into quality of sound and he rates them.

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jaxxmal2 in reply to SC1472

Those are the ones I have been looking at, glad u like tgem

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Really happy with my Powerbeats

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Cliff_H

I don’t have money for such posh ones 🙂I started with Sony which came with the borrowed MP3 player. They lasted a few months and conked mid run so then I lashed out £3.99 on Lidl ones, and I couldn’t tell any difference sound quality wise

I now use my iPhone ones and they’re fine. Better sound quality than the two above. The Sony ones were only the bog standard ones which I think are £15

My Lidl ones are still going strong and have flat braided cable which doesn’t tangle, which is a blessing

Good hunting

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Cliff_HGraduate in reply to misswobble

These are good at £29.99, had a couple of pairs in the past. I can’t get on with the new Apple ones, they won’t stay in my ears.

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Noise Isolating Ear-canal Phones, Black

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jaxxmal2 in reply to Cliff_H

Are they like dr Dre ones?

What do you find the gimmick with the Bose ones? The way they look?

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jaxxmal2 in reply to Rignold

It wasn’t Bose ones that I wondered were Gimmicky-sorry don’t think it was clear in original post - it was the ones that played music through ear bone-they were expensive but can’t remember make-they were in good running shop tho

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I wear my Buff around my ears to hold them in place.

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I have Apple AirBuds or EarBuds or IBuds or whatever they call them. They don't fall out of my ears ever and work brilliantly. Worth every penny. But I think the suitability of these things depends on the shape and sensitivity of your ears. I can't abide the big headphones that everyone loves that go over your ears like ear warmers. They always squish my sensitive little ears down and hurt them terribly. So I'd say, just make sure you can exchange them, or take the man himself shopping.

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jaxxmal2 in reply to ejvcruns

I had those but they fell out of both our ears so was looking at maybe a pair with hooks over ears

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ejvcrunsGraduate in reply to jaxxmal2

Yep, I can’t wear them. Ear pain. That’s what I mean, I think you have to try them out or prepare to return them...

I've used Yurbuds for several years and have never had problems with them, they never fall out which was a major issue as I've quite small ears.

I've never tried the bone conducting ones but they are meant to be good. And if he likes entering races they'll be handy as some road races ban earphones but Bone conducting ones can be used as you can still hear your surroundings. That's the major benefit really over in ear ones from a safety point of view as you are still aware of traffics.

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jaxxmal2 in reply to rmoo

Thanks rmoo, I did wonder at the point of them. No he’s very much a solo runner who likes to hear Runkeeper tell him how he’s doing. Never heard of yurbuds, will look them up

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I bought some for 7 quid on eBay , they have the clips that hook them on my ears. Forgot the make, doesn't say anything on them.

At home and work l use top gear, no compromise. When running outside l only want to hear what's going on and that's simply because I'm running and not analysing the quality of the vocals mid range or the crispness of a crash cymbal.

In other words, l spend money on the relevant stuff only ;)

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