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Just completed the your needs survey

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Ok so I have a mental health problem and social anxiety disorder (agoraphobic) but I keep on pushing on, I am embracing being a new member at the gym although the physical worry of going into the Gym makes me edgy and is uncomfortable Im trying to see it as my happy place the place to face my fears and do something good for myself. I took the your needs survey and it said I'm not alone in feeling anxious and prompted me to write a post about it, I hope this helps others!

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What a great step you have taken already !! Yes we all got anxious with any change. But remember nobody knows you have this and it’s just a “label” remove the label right now and make a new one .... what will that be ? I am a runner , I am determined, I am courgeous. Cos you are to overcoming your fears. Keep going then you will find they disappear !

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Richard7Graduate in reply to Jan-52

Well said.

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fitbyjuly in reply to Jan-52

So determined and yes I like the way you think, I know great things happen outside my comfort zone so I'm really ready for the road ahead!! and thank you for your kind words.

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Good to know the problems we all have as it helps us to understand how to deal with situations. Good luck with the running - stay positive and it will help you not only with fitness.

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fitbyjuly in reply to Richard7

Absolutely and the couch programme give me a true goal and focus! thank you

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Brilliant that Uve taken the first steps . As Ull know exercise naturally makes our mood feel better so win win . Good luck on your c25k journey x

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Physical exercise has many beneficial results on our mental wellbeing.

Running, in particular, does seem to offer an even greater degree of benefits.

In a recent poll on this site 95% of respondents reported that they experienced some mental health benefits and 60% said they felt huge benefits.

Not only will you be physically fitter but you are very likely to experience those wonderful rewards that most of us do.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Thank you I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead

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