Fell off the wagon 🙁

Graduated in sept and was doing ok - have fallen off the wagon though and not run for 2 +weeks at all. Work stress/hours, wine drinking and not a good state of mind my ‘reasons’ - plus darker nights and mornings. Miffed with myself as I’d never run for 30 mins straight in my life before C25K and was feeling very positive when I was running.

Anyone else been in this situation?

I think my lack of speed for my age etc may have lost me some confidence.



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23 Replies

  • Can you get to a Parkrun? Great motivation if you can get there.

  • Only just graduated and what you have experienced is a fear I have as I get bored with routine - I think for this reason I am determined to keep at it and not miss a run. 2 - 3 weeks is not long I would suggest try and get back out there.

    Regarding the speed and age - my running watch app tells me most people my age run 2 - 3 minutes faster than I am per km - I ignore it and tell it most people my age are not running and still sitting on the couch. Don’t worry about the speed just try and run for fun and knowing the good it is doing you.

  • As SueKen says, go for the park runs.

  • I got bogged down with speed and timings etc after graduating and lost my mojo for a bit.

    I would say forget tracking and measuring speed and even how long - just get a route in your head and set off out of the door and reconnect with the simple pleasure of running :) good luck! Xx

  • It’s only a small step up on to the wagon again and there’s plenty on here to help you if you need a push-up. Come on you can do it remember how great you felt when you graduated we are all behind you good luck 👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Just graduated and am anxious about keeping going - I like a bit of a schedule and the C25K programme provided that. I'm determined to keep going at the moment but can understand how 'life' could get in the way.

    I'm sure if you got out there again you'd be fine. And don't worry about lack of speed - steady running has to be better than no running at all. 😊

  • I have abandoned the apps, the music, everything except the joy of being out there running. I like it so much more than when worrying about all the other stuff. Maybe you might give it a go au naturel and see if it’s more fun.

  • Running naked..nothing like it :) Pure pleasure:)

  • It happens to some folk...life gets in the way :)

    You have your Graduate badge now..:) So... Start by being kind to yourself.... Take it gently.

    Some 30 minute consolidation runs, new routes and varying distance and even speed. Then think about the C25K+ podcasts.. they are quite challenging but great fun and really zing up our running skills. Very structured too and many of us use then still, on their own or within other runs :)

    I run early and Graduated the week before Christmas 2015... it was brilliant, in those dark mornings, but you need High viz gear, maybe a head torch and warm gear... if you get into a routine it can be a great kick start to your day!

    The running does, as you know provide so much more than being able to run, the mental benefits are incredible... and once you are back on the track, you will feel those stresses and strains float away behind you... starting is going to be the hardest bit... but, you have done that :) Here you are and we are here too!

    Your mojo is hiding under your running shoes... pick them up and choose a route you know and enjoy.... head out after warming up well and just try a steady joggette, a la Irishprincess ... post how it goes and take it from there:)


    Small steps, slow and steady in all ways, will help.

  • Old floss is so wise! I. Couldn't agree more with this. Good luck Akame, you've done so well already . This is just a brief interlude. You can do this.

  • I am hoping this doesn't happen to me. Only just graduated and at moment am focusing on park run Saturday. Hope you find your way back 😊

  • I'm afraid I have fallen the same. I ran a few times but have really struggled with leg pain and am trying to get a full gait analysis done but work and darkness are hampering me.

    I usually run with the dogs over the fields but now having to take them on the leads on pavements with all the stop starting it's just impossible. I probably ran 1k with them the other day and my breathing was laboured again.....it's so disheartening.

  • Many times. in fact the past two months I have nearly been at a standstill. not quite but down to 30% Hope to pick up again this month. Don't know what motivates me to climb back on that wagon though, something must but I can't quite put my finger on what.

    This site definitely provides motivation!

  • Oldfloss is v wise - obvs! I’d say spend two or three a weeks re-establishing 30min runs before trying Parkrun - I did one the week after graduation and it was quite disheartening because there are a lot of serious runners and so the pace can be too fast - better to build up your confidence again first. Good luck!

  • I'm with you - it's suddenly so cold and dark. I need to find some new motivation to get myself out in the morning before work.

  • Hi Akame. As someone halfway through week 3 it's hard to imagine how anyone who's graduated can be not oozing running confidence from every pore! But although I've never done a half hour run (yet) I do know what's it's like when you've got into a good set of habits that are making you feel great and then "fall off the wagon". I suspect we've all been there.

    But your wagon will have stopped when you stopped so I'm sure you'll find it will be there next to you, ready to roll as soon as you are. Work stress and a "not good" state of mind are very understandable reasons to have missed a couple of weeks - but an even bigger reason to start again when you can. I don't have much experience of running (and I get overtaken by toddlers) but I'm already enjoying the lift in spirits running is giving me.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon. Let us (your cheerleading team!) know how you get on 😊

  • Hope you'll get back into it soon. Whenever I've had an injury, been ill or on holiday etc. I go out without a watch/phone on an easy, familiar route with no fixed agenda. Doesn't matter if it's not 30 mins continuous running or how far I go or if I walk. I've just had a chest infection, asthma issues and steroids so I haven't run for 3 weeks and need a bit longer to recover. I'm losing my mojo a bit too but will do as I just mentioned. I also have a list of reasons why I started running & what I love about it - all the positives so that when I feel down about it I've got something to refer back to and spur me on. Good luck!

  • HI Akame, afraid I have been the same, we must have graduated around the same time I went on to do two park runs but haven't run much in the last 5/6 weeks. So Saturday I decided enough was enough and went back in the gym, boy what a shock ! So yesterday I went back to week four and started again. I could kick myself for not carrying on (I was ill for a few weeks) my fitness has all but disappeared. But this time around I know I can do it. Good luck

  • Just crawl back up on the wagon and stop kicking yourself! I just ended a 10-day running hiatus caused by travelling (and some laziness once I got back home). I eased myself back in by running 25 minutes the first time out after the hiatus--a time I know I can do. So, for your first run back set a totally obtainable goal and once you've hit it, you'll feel good that you reached that goal, and that will motivate you to do the next run. Also, in the long view, you're only competing against yourself, so don't stress about speed. I am SLOW but I feel like i'm going fast so that has to be good enough :) Plus, recent research shows that running slowly but consistently extends life span more than fast running,which is tough on the heart. So just say, ok, me, I've had a break and now let's get back out there. You can do this!

  • I feel your struggle ...but you can do it. Read all the good advice above...put your trainers on...say you can do it...and you will. Out the door....warm up walk, then just start that run...slow and steady. Your first goal...out the door for a run. You will succeed. Good luck. Fighting those demons really is the battle. I chant all that good advice in my head as I run.

  • Never mind, just climb back on again & off you go :)

  • Me in a nutshell! I also graduated september. Since then had a nasty flu virus which sparked of fibro flare so no running for 5+ weeks. When i started again couldnt run more than 1k without a pitstop! Im slowly getting there again , slowly being the right word! 42min 5k but im doing it without walking again. Your do it , dont worry about speed for age , worry about speed for you! I beat my park run by 1sec and was buzzing lol

  • Thanks all. I will update you on progress. Aiming to get on it next week with a high vis - I live in quite a small village so it’s just laps of the houses!

    I have done parkrun twice and it was a nice environment and enjoyed it at the time but in a way it demotivated me as I felt I should have been nearer the middle crowd than the few walkers at end!

    Your messages are very encouraging, thank you xx

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