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Week7 run 2

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Well after 10 days off I finally ran my week 7 run 2 tonight . Well to say this was the worst run of my couch to 5k would be an understatement. I huffed and puffed like a decrepit old steam train . Really battled more or less from the word go . But I endured and just about made the 25mins and put another 4.6km under the belt. Hoping it was just my little lay off and my scheduled Wednesday night run is a bit better. Onward and upward

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it may just be your little lay off but also we all occasionally have one of those runs we'd sooner forget

I huff and puff in all my runs after 5 months of couch25k. But if I understood rightly, you ran for 25 minutes for 4.6km and this is great going. Maybe going too fast for your fitness hits the enjoyment factor. Another run under the belt though.

Yes, it could just be an off night for any number of reasons. Good for you for seeing it through. Onward and upward as you say. 👍🏼

Well that was fast, not surprised you huffed and puffed! 💨👏

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Slow down.... huffing and puffing means you are running out of steam.. pull back, relax and enjoy the journey:)

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FatBoyBaz in reply to Oldfloss

Ran my normal pace . Nice and steady . Just couldn’t get my breathing sorted , even when I slowed up a bit . Legs were fine but breathing was hard more or less from the off

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to FatBoyBaz

That proves the point... slow down and the breathing will sort :)

Could be the air quality- all those bonfires and fireworks lately will make a difference.

I just worked out your pace at 5:26. That was really fast and explains why you were winded. Slow down like Floss says and it will all become much more manageable and enjoyable. The pace comes later. I did the very same thing early on 🙂

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FatBoyBaz in reply to Decker

That seems to be my natural pace . I have run about the same since I started on my couch to 5k journey and normally feel pretty good. But tonight just didn’t work . Roll on Wednesday . Hopefully a better run

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Decker in reply to FatBoyBaz

You’ll feel it more and more as you move through 5 and beyond. I had to train myself to slow down. But I am happy I did as it helped me get to longer distances I couldn’t do at the very fast pace

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Hang on! You ran just over 5min per km? Week 7? Wow, that's fast at that level. Did you include warm up & down walks or was that just the run? If not then huff'n'puff can be understandable.

I used to do the same at that stage. Call me the breeze. I ended up on a physio's couch for a while and didn't run for months . To add to the fun l then repeated the entire program. Why? I ran too fast, put too much pressure on my joints, my tendons freaked out, muscles gave in.

Slow is the key to the kingdom of slow and gentle ;) Run slow and you grow stronger. Run slow and longer you will grow to be faster (if that's your aim).

Nowadays l go slow over 10K but my gentle slow 5K is below 30min but without any pressure. (I'm slightly taller and my stride is longer).

'Slow & Gentle Approach' has made that possible. Much obliged Oldfloss ;)

Will try and change my pace on the next run and see how we go . Thanks for all the advice and encouragement

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