Park run

I have registered and received my band.

What would be an acceptable time to start doing these now that I'm running 25/30 mins. But slow.

Mostly I am about 50 mins running / walking 5 k. I know you can walk it but I think others walk faster than I run!! Don't want to embarrass myself. 😂 also I have only been running on the flat - there may be hills (that is inclined to others!!😂) next run is 7/2. 🙏


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8 Replies

  • Pace really isn't an issue so whatever pace you run at is the best pace for you don't worry about embarrassing yourself, run and be proud

  • Just run and use it as one of your week 7 runs.Start slow and stay steady.

  • Thanks. Just worried they will have to wait around for me at the end 😅

  • I had 6 trailers behind me lovely, plus I was bursting for a wee annnnnd we were running around a lake, I tell you, it didn't help lol 🤣🤣 I'd run with you if we lived near each other 😊

  • Hi Fergifox, I did my first park run in September and did it in 42 minutes, yes quite slow lol, but I did it.

    I'm a slow runner so it seems, but I'm okay with that for now. You do it in the time you can do it, the park run will show your time each time you go and I'm sure over the weeks, you'll get better each time. I'm rooting for you lovely 😊👍

  • Dont worry about your time and dont worry about people waiting. At parkrun it is fully inclusive, runners, walkers, run/walkers. We have a lady who walks with sticks at one of my local ones. There is always a big cheer for those towards the end as everyone knows it has been a huge challenge but they did it! As you will do too!

    The tailwalker will always be behind you so you wont ever be last. The marshals stay put until the tailwalker has passed them.

    You could go onto your local parkrun webpage and look at timings if you wanted to see typical times but its not necessary. Just run/ walk and enjoy!

  • I think there are very few park runs with no-one who takes around 50 minutes to finish. Go for it. The whole point of park run is everyone is welcome.

  • Thank you 😊

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