Life after Laura. Recent graduates settling into a routine. Keep yourself motivated. Week I/IV

Welcome anyone who wants to post and log their running for the next 4 weeks as we settle into our post-grad running life. I'm using Roman numerals to distinguish these 4 weeks from the c25k programme and well, because they're swanky.

I'm 49 and just graduated on Sat. I'm running 35;30;35 mins this week, adding in some stretches for the first time after my run. And ladies if you've had children, consider joining me in this :doing pelvic floor exercises 2x day if I remember. If you're coordinated maybe do them when you brush your teeth. Love to hear other people's plans and see your progress.


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  • I love your post! Pelvic floor exercises? A fantastic idea, I have struggled with wanting a wee a few times on longer runs, thinking ahead, I love it!! There is a to 10k forum too, might be good to go there too to pick up tips beyond C25K?

    Like your plan to settle into a set time for your runs for now, as that will build your stamina while allowing you to recover from a challenging programme too. Keep us posted! I always wear a C25K t shirt when I run because I am very proud of the programme and know from experience, it does amazing things. Julie (I graduated about 16 weeks ago now but love seeing new running stories)!

  • Hiya Julie, leaks is something I hadn't taken into account with longer runs. I know I need the PF exercises - when I sneeze. Still don't do them but determined to change. They really don't take long .

    I'll check out the 10k forum, thanks for that Julie :)

  • Where did you get the t-shirt from?


    They are good quality, I have two, one in pink and the other in red.


  • Thanks forcthat Julie. I'm getting myself one in pink

  • We deserve to wear one and it promotes the programme to others, where would we b without it? LOL

  • True :) I certainly wouldn't be running. I needed the structure building up week by week. On my own I would have run too long, too fast, too far or at least tried to, found it all too difficult and given up. I tell a lot of people about the c25k but don't think I've inspired anyone to have a go.

  • I've just seen this after leaving my Monday moan on the main page so in future I know where to come! Great idea :-)

  • I'll go check out your Monday moan wez :)

  • Ok I did rI, all according to plan, 35 min, a few (really not much though) stretches afterwards and 2x pelvic floor exercises. Tick. Have signed up for a 5k in May (in aid of cancer research, a cause dear to my heart since I lost my wonderful mum far too early to breast cancer) so after these 4 weeks are up, I'll try and prepare myself for that in order to not look and feel like a duck out of water. Feeling a bit intimidated by it but risk not, win not I'm telling myself.

  • Just as a reminder: pelvic floor exercises (3 exercises, do 3 of each)

    1. Imagine you need to go for a wee, squeeze your pelvic muscles together as if to hold it in, hold for a count of 10, relax

    2. Same as above but do 10 repetitions of quick flicks instead of one long hold

    3. The lift, go up in stages: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and back down - 2nd, 1st

    That's it. Quick and simple but somehow we never do it....I got these from an older post on here from 2 years back.

  • 2nd run of the week and after Monday's crawl, today I must have inhaled something illegal by accident or been chased by the demons of my past as back on form, 5.25k in 35.16mins ... my 5k time was 33.40, a time of which I barely scraped 4k by on Monday ... so something in this 'good days, bad days' thing but again, a lesson learned in as much as Monday didn't put me off too much (the fact I had a sulk on me and didn't want to leave the house this morning betrays that statement) but today was better and my socks stayed dry ... now have a couple of days off until Saturday when I will do todays loop again and add a little bit extra if I can ... and if I can't well ... what harm? There's always another day ... :-)

  • I'll have some of that! Wow that's excellent wez. :) Going great guns there. Any chance of a parkrun near you? I think you'd be up to it already.

    Rehearsal went on extra long today and I got home completely knackered. Decided to flop down for half an hour with a book but my daughter was having none of it and shooed me out the door. She was right, think I might have dozed off. Just did 30 min today which was the plan, some stretches afterwards and my pf ex so feeling virtuous. Did have a bit of a niggle in my left knee towards the end of my run which freaked me out so wondering if I should try and fit in some yoga. No idea when though. In my not so misspent youth I did a lot of yoga, an hour early every morning and another at night. No chance of that now though. Will dust off a book or two and mull it over. Bring on Sat, eh?

  • Me again ... 3rd run of the week completed and surprisingly pleasing as I didn't particularly feel the love prior and wanted to stay in the warm! Managed 5.3k in 34.51 and although I was never interested in speed, just completing distance and increasing stamina, it seems the wind was behind me ... either that or I was really desperate to get back indoors! Rest up till Monday now and am planning a nice 30 minute loop before a Wednesday and Saturday outing again. I'm not sure who this person is that keeps posting facts and figures about moving her feet one in front of the other but I hope she sticks around! ;-)

  • She's here to stay! Had planned on running for 35 today but with my dodgy knee at the moment, decided to just do 30. Fingers crossed my knee is not stuffed.

  • I hope so too ... rest, ice and ibuprofen to bring the inflammation down a little maybe? But you'll know what to do best when you feel it. Swimming always a great alternative too so fingers crossed for you :-)

  • Yeah. It was cold but still did my 30 min run outside this morning. That's 3 times a week again. :)

  • It was cold, wasn't it Jan? Well done completing your 3 this week. Just got back from my r3 and it was snowing the whole time. I liked it though, felt like the air was fresher. Wasn't sure about going because my left knee has been hurting since my last run and going downstairs is painful. In the end I decided to try it and run lightly and slowly. I did some yoga stretches beforehand and the after-run stretches from this site. The run wasn't painless but the light pain stopped after 15 min and my knee feels better now than before the run but I'll know tomorrow if I was a right twit to do it. Hopefully won't be on the injury couch :(

  • That's real commitment. Hope your knee doesn't cause you problems. X

  • Thanks Jan. Would be such a bummer but I'll know tomorrow. Might have to replace next week's running with swimming.

  • we are the same age and I graduated in October boptillyoudrop , well done you :)

  • So glad I've taken up running, hope I keep it up. How's your running going ?

  • yes ok thanks!Felt like I lost a bit of fitness over Christmas but feel up to speed again now. I Try and do a min of 5k X 3 per week .Im not fast but I know from this fab forum that I'm not the slowest either :)

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