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Crunchy knee

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Hi All, I'm on week 3 run 2 and can't believe I'm running! I've developed a crackle (not a pop or click) in one of my knees. It's not painful at all when running but the noise is disconcerting- I've read that it's wear & tear behind the patella. I'm building up general muscle strangle with Pilates but does anyone have an experience of this sort of knee and what to do? I am desperate to keep going with the running but obviously need to be sensible and not injure myself..

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Yes I have an audible sound in my knees sometimes. No pain at all. I thought it was floorboards creaking as I did my knee exercises, then realised it was me not the room!

Found myself a running specialist physio and her website said sound in the knees is common and nothing to worry about unless it hurts. So I am keeping her details in case but so far knee pain and knee noises seem unrelated. Hope yours stays pain free but get proper advice if it starts hurting.

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Thanks! Like you I thought it was something else - I thought it was my shoes or clothes at first a very weird noise to be coming from a knee...I'll be vigilant about pain and see a physio if it starts hurting x

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My husband thinks my knee noise is disgusting, i think it is my party trick. They dont hurt at all and running hasnt made them any worse

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Yes I've been wondering about this. One knee grating. No pain. And can here it clicking. Have been attending water exercise classes to build up muscles gently in between running days and it seems to have helped. Hopefully will give extra support.

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I had a bad knee injury and was off running for months. Now, at a first possible sign of anything suspicious I'm off to sport specialists or a physio.

Listen to your body, you will be the best judge. If you think something isn't right please seek pro advice.

I've read on the forum that some ignore the warning signs and even pain and simply take painkillers. Oh well, very best of luck with that........

Yep I think you're right Mrrun it's a little sore now and just doesn't feel right - I am conscious of it all the time so despite feeling a bit skint I'm going to check it out with a sports physio - Ive been running outside so I figure this free exercise is worth some investment to keep me going

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