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Knee problems


I've had to take a break for the last couple of weeks due to problems with my knees, just as I got to the end of week 6. I saw a physio yesterday and the good news is I can keep running! My gluts and quads aren't strong enough and it's putting too much pressure on my knees. So I have some exercises to do and I need to drop back to week 3or4. But I'm so happy I can keep doing it and I'm not damaging my knees!

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Well done. I have suffered with knee problems myself and they actually delayed my graduation week by two and a half weeks.

But still that first run back is going to feel good and that step up to the graduation podium is going to be that much sweeter, because you have had to go through more than most to get there.

That's good news. Don't worry about dropping back, slow and steady is the way forward. You'll soon be back on track.

Happy Running!

angel43 in reply to Wizziewood

I'm just so pleased that I can continue, I'm not too worried about going back a few weeks. Going to treat myself to a decent pair of running shoes!

Strengthening exercises totally saved my knees and enabled me to keep running, so I'd highly recommend that approach! I am now a bit obsessed, and do my set of exercises several times a day. A resistance band can also be good. This is where I got my exercises from

Good luck


Good! Which is why we keep pushing home the slow and steady message

As you get stronger you will hopefully lose the niggles. Just go carefully !

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