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W5R2 feeling happy 😊

I managed to get out late into the afternoon today and feeling positive about today’s session. I decided I’d go for the 0.75 jogs opposed to the 8mins. I did both hovering around 9min mark and a combined 12.1min mile pace.

I don’t think that’s too bad for a 69yr old who previously hadn’t run for over 50yrs 😱

I’m loving this and really look forward to each session 😊

Happy running guys 🏃🏃‍♀️

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My god, you are doing amazingly well! But the thing that heartens my most is that you are enjoying it. This is so important! Keep at it, dear Ted! 👏👏😘

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Thank you Sadie, I’m surprising myself tbh. Can’t believe I actually look forward to each run, that may change after the 2miles on Fri lol

No point in going for the 20mins, I have to keep to the ‘distance’ as I’ve signed up to do 5k on Dec 9th not 30mins.....and I’m determined to run it all! 😱😘

Hope you get to full fitness soon x


Wow, Ted - well done - that's great progress! And what an inspiration to us over-60s. I'm just about to start on wk5 - keep us posted on your r3


Will do Angela. Good luck on W5 😊

I’ve found it to be reasonably comfortable this week, even the jump from 5mins to the two 9min stints I did yesterday.......I’m looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be a test for sure. I’ve plotted the 2miles and I’m just using MapmyRun to record the distance.

Good luck and happy running 😊

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