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Shins shoes and running style

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I am on my third week of running and made the beginners mistakes of too much too soon, and the wrong shoes. Now my shins are hurting! It’s not the dreaded shin splints, just underused muscles and the wrong technique I think.

How have others changed the way they run? I don’t seem to be able to hit the midsole, and either end up on my toes (hurts my calves) or have slappy feet. Would a session on a treadmill help? I’d like to get the technique right now, rather than have to change it later.

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I must say I'm very anti treadmill just now after my first run on one, but I can't see quite how that would help. I guess if you are landing on your toes then your stride isn't quite long enough? Like you are running over your legs or something? I guess lengthen your stride and slow down. But what do others say?

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Lpops in reply to ejvcruns

Thanks for the reply. I think my stride is quite short, I’ll try lengthening it. When I have in the past I’ve ended up running faster though, there’s a trick to running slowly with a long stride that I haven’t got yet!

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ejvcrunsGraduate in reply to Lpops

I think just running slowly is the actual trick...

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Sounds like you might have replaced shoes already, but did you have a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop?

A properly conducted analysis carried out by an experienced individual can show you all sorts about your gait and footstrike and the recommended shoes and advice can solve many problems. Most sales staff in specialist shops (not the discount sheds) are runner's themselves.

Landing on forefoot should be fine. A longer stride might help, but can induce heelstrike, which can cause knee problems and shin splints.

If you have the correct shoes, just slow down and see how you get on naturally.

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Just run nice and steady and see how it goes. The programme is fantastic. Enjoy it. You have to be slow though or it will unravel 🙂🏃✔️👍

dont mess with the way your legs work. you will inevitably do more harm than good. Ignire the programme's terrible advice about footstriking and just run how you run. Achey shins are just part of it early on.

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Lpops in reply to Rignold

Thanks Rignold :) I'll have a go at the weekend, and just run.

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