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Sore shins when running is this normal?

Just completed my first run of week 4 on the treadmill and during the 5min run my shins got sore is this normal or am I running wrong? I had to slow my pace down because of this not because I was out of breath or getting a stitch.

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Hi, yes you will get this at first, it's if they get worse or don't go away I'd check your running shoes. I had the dreaded shin splints early on as I wasn't in the right footwear, I also have high arches and that doesn't help at all. Hope they sort themselves out.




Thanks runningwild I shall persevere then :-)


NB: From the above link:

"If you ignore it and continue to exercise, it can become very painful and you may have to stop exercising altogether.

It is really important not to 'run through the pain' because the shin pain may be a sign of an injury to the bone and surrounding tissues in your leg. Continued force on your legs will make the injury and your pain worse."


Keep us posted, I have run thru' the pain, that was a big lesson to learn and not worth it at all!!

Happy running to you :))


If slowing your pace down stops it hurting, it might well be because you land differently when going slower (slower may mean a shorter pace, so your foot is under your bodyweight rather than a bit ahead of it, which causes all sorts of extra stresses on the legs and joints). So if that stops it hurting, perhaps stick to the slower pace for a while, until your legs get used to the action of running. Or it could be your shoes.

But if that doesn't stop it hurting, as the link suggests, rest is the best treatment.

Slow and steady is good anyway. :)


I shall take it slow and steady for a while then and see how that goes. I don't think it's my shoes as I got tested in a sports shop and have the full support trainers due to high arches but I have just been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis so maybe I'm starting to run funny as I get tired. I shall put some bio freeze on my feet before my next run and this may solve the problem since the pain can come from how I land on my feet.

Thanks for your help :-)


I really don't know much about this, just a bit of reading about barefoot style running really (which I feel is really working for me, although not barefoot), but I thought the usual recommendation with plantar fasciitis was to stop running until it healed? And that the cause of it may well be the running style, especially heel-landing? Using pain relief and carrying on running could just end up making it worse? Apologies if this is uninformed and unhelpful! Hope you can get it sorted out.


I started getting sore shins at end of week 3 and into week 4, but had been wearing my old trainers that had no support or padding, so my leg was jarring when my foot was hitting the ground. I went and got some proper running shoes (from an asics outlet shop in Gloucester Quays) and it has stopped it for me. I did have to do squats in the shop mind you so they could see if my feet were rolling in or out but it has been worth it. My pace has also slowed.

Good luck with it :)


Have now completed week 4 and with no more shin pain :-D. I just took my jogging speed on the treadmill down from 8 to 7.5 and felt no pain. Thanks for all your advice


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